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Scooter Trailers Basics

Just like mobility scooters, scooter trailers help people live healthy, active lives. Mobility scooters help seniors and people with mobility limitations get around safely and be active, and electric scooter trailers are vital for transporting scooters when traveling.

Using Scooter Trailers

Mobility scooters are a great piece of home healthcare equipment that help people get where they need to go, and a mobility scooter trailer is necessary for moving scooters for travel purposes. A scooter trailer functions in much the same way as other trailers, but is specially designed to protect and transport a mobility scooter.

Scooter Trailers Key Terms

As our population ages, more and more people are using scooters to get around. And, since scooters are bulky, a lot of people are looking for ways to get their scooter from one place to another.

Scooter Trailers by Scoot Boot :: Tow Behind Scooter Trailer for 50cc ...

What you have been waiting for has finally arrived. A lightweight, practical, affordable scooter trailer to pull behind your scooter. There are a million and one  ...

Trailer for Vespa Scooter - Instructables

I enjoy my Vespa (GTS250ie) a lot, I use it both for professional transportation, as well as for personal use. Downtown, traffic is often congested, p...

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Mobility Scooter trailers by Scoota Trailer - Grace In Motion

Grace In Motion scooter trailer. An affordable alternative to expensive wheelchair lift vehicles is a scooter trailer. We sevice our mobility scooter and power ...

Scooter Cargo Trailers! - ADVrider

Just wanted to share some of the scooter cargo trailers I've designed and built over the past few years. I currently own a Vespa PX150, Honda ...

Scoota Trailer | Home & "Videos"

ScootaTrailer can be hauled behind small cars! Electric Scooter Trailer. Please click here to refer to the 'cancellation' and 'no return' policy page. Scoota Trailer ...

Wheelchair & Scooter Trailers & Tow Behind ... - USA TechGuide

Wheelchair & Scooter Trailers & Tow Behind Carriers. (4 Web Sources Found). Handi Ramps. Manufacturers of portable and modular wheelchair ramp systems.

Scooter Trailer, Scooter Trailer Suppliers and Manufacturers at ...

3369 Results ... Scooter Trailer, You Can Buy Various High Quality Scooter Trailer Products from Global Scooter Trailer Suppliers and Scooter Trailer ...

what types of trailers are possible to pull with a ™ jcv tow hitch?

All of these will easily connect to a mobility scooter with our mobility scooter tow hitch. There is one key to the success of these trailers below. They have closed ...

Mobility Scooter Trailer (2013) - YouTube

Apr 3, 2013 ... hi my name is kate i was wondering where i can get a trailer because i have a mobility scooter that is in permanent use and we need a traier I'm ...

Scooter Trailers

Mobility scooters extend the range of people whose infirmities limit their mobility within their neighborhoods and assist them with their daily tasks. Scooter trailers extend the usefulness of mobility scooters by allowing their users to take their units with them when they travel outside of their neighborhoods, whether within their home city or on the road.

A mobility scooter trailer provides an inexpensive alternative to buying a van and lift gate to carry an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, provided the scooter user has the mobility to get in and out of the chair with minimal assistance. Scooter trailers ride low to the ground to make them easy to load and unload the scooter; electric scooter trailers feature power doors and winches to further assist with the loading process.

Scooter trailers provide these further advantages:

1. Eliminate the need to mount hoisting equipment to your vehicle.

2. Let you transport your scooter without having to disassemble it for travel and reassemble it at your destination.

3. Free up space in your vehicle for luggage and other travel items with a towing scooter rig.

Haul it around with a scooter trailer as mobile as your scooter

Towing a scooter, or anything, in a trailer requires adjusting driving habits. Some electric scooter trailers and other models of trailers for scooters feature innovative designs to make the trailer more responsive to the vehicle's driver.

Lighten the load with a lightweight scooter trailer

With the rising price of gas, scooter trailers that weigh less are welcome news for people of limited mobility on limited budgets who want to take their scooters with them to better enjoy their trips.

Cover the place you put your backside

Electric scooter trailers make loading and unloading your scooter a breeze, but open-top models expose it to the elements--not a good idea when you're hauling the scooter in bad weather, and certainly not when you sit down.

Tow your scooter in style with a replica scooter trailer

Trailers for scooters doesn't have to look boring to do its job. Many people like to travel the road in style, and custom designed motor scooter trailers let their scooters travel in style, too.
  • Be sure you have adequate automotive hardware to tow your scooter trailer and that your rear suspension is up to the task. Use a hitch rated for the maximum towing weight of your vehicle. Typically, the suspension on a sport utility vehicle is closer to that of a car than a pickup truck.
  • Consider not only the vehicle's rated tongue weight but also the design of the scooter trailer. The further the scooter's weight is extended from the trailer hitch, the more force it exerts on the hitch.

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