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Processing & Storage | ViaCord

Processing and Storage. After your baby's stem cell collection kit arrives at our lab, our lab specialists perform a series of tests to determine how many stem cells  ...

Stem Cells Banking: NeoStem Family Storage | NeoStem

If you're interested in planning for you and your family's future health, visit NeoStem to learn how and where you can bank your stem cells for your own future ...

Cryo-Cell: Cord Blood Banking | Family Cord Blood Bank | Stem ...

Nearly half a million parents from 87 countries chose to trust Cryo-Cell - Cord ... To request information, learn more about storing stem cells or to enroll, click here  ...

Best Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank | CBR® - Cord Blood Registry

CBR's laboratory was specifically designed for newborn stem cell processing and storage, and consequently, CBR has invested millions of dollars to help ...

Smart Cells | Umbilical cord stem cell storage

Smart Cells is one of the world's leading umbilical cord stem cell storage companies. Since 2001, we have been safely collecting and storing stem cells.

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Amniotic stem cell bank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An amniotic stem cell bank is a facility that stores stem cells derived from amniotic fluid for future use. Stem cell samples in private (or family) banks are stored ...

Cord blood bank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells, progenitor cells which can form red blood ... Before the cord blood is stored for later use, it undergoes viral testing , ...

Cord blood & tissue stem cell storage for your newborn

Future Health is a fully licensed and accredited worldwide stem cell storage bank for cord blood, tissue and dental pulp.

Stem Cell Banking - Medicine and Health - New York Times

Jan 29, 2008 ... Some experts say consumers should think twice before spending money on storing stem cells, because it is not clear how useful they will be.

BioEden US: Stem cells | Tooth stem cell storage & research

Pioneers in dental stem cell research providing an affordable way to harness your children's stem cells from their milk teeth.

FamilyCord Cord Blood Banking

FamilyCord, a California Cryobank Company, continues to be recognized as a pioneer among umbilical cord blood banks
Cells For Life

A Toronto based cord blood clinic specializing in stem cell isolation and storage since 1997.

Stem Cell Storage

Consider the options when it comes to harvesting and storing human cells. Learn the truth about stem cell storage facts and help educate others on the facts regarding stem cells and the proper way to store them for transplant and research. The equipment used and the procedures in place are critical in the success of stem cell storage.

Explore several companies who store stem cells. Find out the methods they use, the success rate they have in keeping the stem cells viable and what the stem cells are used for. The more information you have, the better decision you'll make when it comes to what's best for your business practices.

1. Look for quality human cord stem cells storage.

2. Take advantage of stem cell storage companies who work with adult stem cells.

3. Research your options in storage equipment for stem cells.

Look into the storage of stem cells harvested during birth

Recognize the importance of harvesting and storing cord blood. The stem cells within the cord blood can be used for treatment of disease and to further research without the moral and ethical concerns other stem cell research often creates. Talk to several stem cell banks to find out how and why they're involved with this aspect of stem cell biology.

Find companies who specialize in adult stem cell storage and therapies

Talk to companies about the process of storing stem cells for adults interested in stem cell therapies. Find out the practices they use and the types of storage facilities and protocols they have. Ask for printed information and investigate each company to determine their professional reputation.

Explore stem cell storing equipment

Educate yourself on the equipment used to store stem cells for adults as well as those harvested during birth. The more you know about the equipment and how it's used, the easier it is to determine what equipment or equipment supply companies will work best for you.
  • Explore your financing options regarding umbilical stem cell storage and adult stem cell storage. The cost is one of the largest walls to scale; finding ways to help finance that cost helps everyone involved.