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Assessing Employee Skills

Assessing employee skills can help you determine if your employees are in the roles best suited for them, and if any of them are ready to be promoted, or instead should be transferred to another department or position. Your employees will also benefit from an employee skill assessment, because they can use it as a learning tool to discover more about their strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Assessing Employee Skills Education and Training

Businesses need to be able to evaluate employee skills. It is a main component of how businesses learn to function and determine whether or not they can rely on the pieces that make up the whole of their company.

Assessing Employee Skills Advice and Ratings

Whether you want to find out about a potential hire's skills or you want to evaluate employee skills at their performance review, there are various tools that can help. You can find an HR consultant who specializes in assessment or look online for employee skill assessment tools.

Determine what skills your employees have | Skills for All

Mar 13, 2014 ... Assess what skills employees have and what skills they need through training needs analysis and the employer resource kit.

Skills Assessment | Job Profile | Skills Survey | Competency Dictionary

Learn how some of the best companies get the most from their talent by measuring and developing employee comptetency assessment and closing competency ...

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Employee skills assessment - Templates - Office - Microsoft

Documenting skills is frequently required for employee assessments. A predefined form provides a simple tool for employees to start a skills development plan ...

Employee Assessments: Employment, Aptitudes, Skill

Benefit from evaluating skills and training gaps before starting your next ... Employee assessment plans can also be customized with the support of FVTC ...

Identifying employee skill gaps | McKinsey & Company

Identifying the areas where organizations need to improve their capabilities most is an important step in any change effort. Such a skill is helpful particularly in ...

Skills Assessment for Employee Development | All About Performance

Skills Assessment for Employee Development. Oftentimes our clients are interested in increasing the skill level of their current talent. In other cases, there is a ...

Appraising and assessing your employees | Smarta

An essential guide to assessing your employees and how to conduct an appraisal, from Smarta, the small business support and advice network.

Assessing Employee Competencies

Employee competency assessment is the process of determining the employee's current skills/knowledge/abilities or behaviors against the defined ...

Testing and Assessment: An Employer's Guide to Good Practices

of attracting, developing, and retaining the best employees. Michael ... funded by the Skills Assessment and Analysis Program in the U.S. Department of Labor,.

Assessing Employee Skills Key Terms

HR professionals today realize that, to be effective assessors of employee skills, they've got to approach the subject from as many angles as possible. This includes learning what it means to use an employee's past behavior as an indication of future performance. It also refers to assessment tools HR staff depend on as they recruit the most worthwhile candidates to assume leadership positions in a company. Get a heads-up on the techniques for assessing employee skills when you learn the following common terms.


When used in the context of the work force, assessment refers to any objective measures of an individual's suitability and skills HR staff make as they hire and manage employees.

Expectancy theory

Expectancy theory refers to a psychological theory of human behavior that HR professionals use in their assessment of employee skills and motivation.

Personality assessment

Personality assessments come into play in the human resources field when you are considering how an individual is likely to react to changes in the work environment.

Performance assessment

Performance assessment goes beyond predictions of employee behavior in hypothetical situations. These assessments are standard HR tools for judging an employee's performance in specified duties.

Leadership skills assessment

Most companies depend on competent leadership to maintain high levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. Use leadership skills assessment to help you identify current employees and potential hires who possess the characteristics necessary to become effective leaders.

Team effectiveness assessment

Team effectiveness assessment refers to an employee's ability to work well in a team.