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    • Sentry Link Background Checks
      Sentry Link
      • Criminal/sex-offender checks
      • National database access
      • Results in 60 seconds or less
      • Plans starting at $19.95
      • No contract, no monthly minimum
      • Corporate and volume accounts available
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    • Official Background Check
      • Instant Setup & Access
      • 8+ Key Checks Available
      • Integrated Legal Support
      • Automated Candidate Consent & Paperwork
      • Nationwide Criminal Checks from $29.95
      • No setup fees, contracts, or minimums
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      • Same-day account setup
      • Speedy & reliable reports
      • Customized to your needs
      • Employment screening services
      • Packages starting at just $24.95
      • No sign-up, monthly, or annual fees
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      • Privacy-friendly
      • Superior data quality
      • Mobile downloads available
      • Affordable Web-based public records
      • 7-day FREE trial icludes premium info
      • Call/email for best rates
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Answer a few quick questions & get matched with top vendors.

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