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Employee Benefits Packages - Job Searching -

An employee benefits package includes all the benefits provided by an employer. Employers are required by law to provide some types of employee benefits ...

What's In a Comprehensive Employee Benefits Package?

Employers of choice provide a comprehensive employee benefits package to attract and retain employees. In addition to a competitive salary, an employee ...

The Basics of Employee Benefits - Entrepreneur

Once you have great employees on board, how do you keep them from jumping ship? One way is by offering a good benefits package.

The Best Benefits Package For Small Businesses - Forbes

Aug 17, 2010 ... It's a nasty choice: Offer juicy benefits and forgo profits, or cut back on bennies and risk losing your best employees. Hitting upon the right ...

How to Build a Competitive Employee Benefits Package |

Apr 26, 2010 ... A generous employee benefits package can be an excellent way to keep the talent you have, and to recruit the cream of the crop.

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Evaluating Your Benefits Package,

Learn how to evaluate the total job offer package and the proper way to ... Following are some of the basic elements of benefit plans and what to look for:.

Employee benefit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Employee benefits and (especially in British English) benefits in kind (also called .... (Flex) and Flexible Benefits Packages, Voluntary Benefits and Core Benefits.

Benefit package critical for small businesses | BenefitsPro

Jul 11, 2014 ... Only 12 percent are extremely satisfied with their benefits, while only 14 percent believe their benefits package meets their current family needs ...

Benefit Packages for Employee | Employee Legally Required Benefits

Benefits are important in the attract and retain employees. A recommendation on a competitive benefit packages, legally required benefits.

Benefit Packages that Work for Employees and Your Budget | BLR ...

Steps to designing a benefit package that will work for your employees,help in recruiting new workers, and please your budget.

6 Crucial Benefits to Negotiate Besides Salary - US News

Jul 9, 2013 ... As part of your research when job seeking you should investigate what compensation packages are possible. Sleuth around to learn what's ...

Standard Benefit and Employment Packages for Emerging ...

Small and emerging companies offer many advantages that big companies don't. A tremendously attractive benefits package generally isn't one of them.

Guide to Benefit Packages

For some small business owners, creating their company benefit packages is a scary proposition. They worry about providing the perks most attractive to employees, funding all of these incentives, and complying with federal regulations regarding things like medical leave and fair wages.

Fortunately, companies can eliminate some of the guesswork by consulting human resources associations and websites, and the employer sections of the federal agencies that oversee employment regulations. Benefit packages are an important part of setting yourself apart from other employers, and of attracting and retaining the most qualified people.

Things you may want to include in your benefit packages list:
  1. Education assistance / tuition reimbursement
  2. Health savings accounts
  3. Stock options
  4. Life, health, vision, dental and / or disability insurance
  5. Retirement plans
  6. Compensation packages that include both financial benefits and quality of life benefits

Find out what must legally be included in your benefit packages

Employers have a great deal of freedom in designing company benefit packages that suit both them and their employees. However, there are some benefits, such as various types of medical and family leave, that are legally required. Before you put together your employee benefit packages, start with a quick check of federal guidelines, and make sure you stay current on them so you can alter your compensation packages as needed.
U.S. Department of Labor. At the wages section, you can review which benefits you're legally mandated to provide. To keep on top of legal compensation and benefits information, subscribe to HR Hero's  Benefits & Compensation Law Alert.

Include the latest benefit trends in your compensation packages

Many prospective employees consider benefit packages information with just as much importance as what kind of salary a company offers. And employee benefit packages are much more diverse than they were 20 or 30 years ago. To be competitive today, you need to provide more than a retirement plan and vacation days; more flexibility and incentives are important elements of a benefits package. Many companies now offer benefits like flex time, paid time off to volunteer, and employee assistance programs that offer help in times of personal or professional crisis.

Use a third-party benefit packages provider

Putting together and administrating employee benefit packages may require more time and personnel than some small businesses can spare. By outsourcing to third-party administrators, you ease the burden on your staff, and entrust this responsibility to someone with more experience. And, these administrators can help you find benefit packages that are attractive to employees, but don't take too large a chunk out of your finances.
  • To save money, and make sure your company benefit packages are relevant to your employees, ask them what they'd like to see included, and what they think is unnecessary.

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