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Self-Directed Work Teams

Self-directed or self-managed work teams have become more common today than ever before. As recognition of the value of employee empowerment grows, many companies see the potential advantages of implementing self-directed work teams.

Lease Financing for Small Businesses Key Terms

Lease financing for small businesses can make a lot of sense because it can allow an owner to acquire all the equipment or assets needed without having to tie up a huge amount of cash. In most cases, a major expense will be equipment and you will want to brush up on the various companies that offer assistance with leasing options.

Leadership Qualities and Skills

Successful leaders share many important interpersonal skills. It takes more than a knowledge of your particular industry to run a thriving and efficient business.

Leadership Training Basics

Some employees seem to be natural born leaders, but others may need communication and leadership training to help them live up to their personal and professional potential. Professional leadership training extends far beyond basic management principles.

Team Building Basics

Understanding the basics of team building increases your ability to succeed. Team building involves a few basic structures for a firm foundation, and, as you progress, many details become apparent.

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Training for Team Building

Team building within your organization is a dynamic process. New and exciting concepts continually develop to increase your success in corporate team building and business team building.

Leadership Assessments Key Terms

Human resource professionals know better than to believe that leadership is an elusive quality one must be born with. In fact, these professionals could probably list a dozen or so traits and competencies that constitute effective leadership.

Using Leadership Assessments

Leadership assessment tools can prove useful when it comes to developing your employees' managerial skills. These assessments are often used to help managers determine their strengths and weaknesses and, thus, improve upon them.

Making the Most of Corporate Retreat Centers

Some businesses approach a corporate business retreat as a way to lure their employees into extending the work week. While a corporate retreat center may offer tons of bells and whistles, if no one puts actual heart into the planning of the retreat, with specific goals for developing better work relationships within the company, then the retreat will be nothing but a waste of time for everyone.

Training for Leadership Qualities and Skills

Some leaders are born naturally. Others need a bit of training to help them realize their full potential.

Corporate Retreat Centers for Education and Training

Corporate retreat centers are a great place to take your employees for a variety of reasons. Getting out of the office presents a great way for employees to get to know each other.

Self-Directed Work Teams Key Terms

Self-directed work teams are showing up in major companies globally. The shift from a top-down hierarchical organization design headed by a supervisor or manager has transformed into the process of team-building, which creates a collaborative group of workers empowered to design and implement a product, project or service.


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Coaching Consultants

Expert coaching services let small business owners gain some balance in their lives. Running a company of any size is hard work and can stretch you to the edge of sanity. As the decision maker you're responsible for setting goals, hiring and motivating employees and marketing services to clients. It can be difficult to manage all these tasks on your own, and no matter how much you love what you do it can become repetitive, boring and frustrating.

Gaining assistance from coaching and consulting services lets you interact with an expert who can help you to set goals for taking your business to the next level. For those just starting out and unsure of how to get a business off the ground coaching experts can assist you too.

Not all coaches offer the same services to small businesses. Choose a coach with the experience and resources that can best assist your business. Here are the top criteria for choosing coaches or running a business coaching business:

1. Look for online local coaching consulting companies

2. Examine expertise of the coaching consultant

3. Preview coaching services before your buy, if at all possible

Gain hands on expertise with coaching specialists

Face-to-face coaching consulting offers a coach who can visit your office and see your daily operation. However, it lacks the convenience and scheduling opportunities of virtual business coaching. Virtual coaching allows a flexible experience with the use of chat, email or video.

Check coaching consultants' credentials and references

Specialized business coaches can bring in their own experiences and contacts to diagnose business problems. Accredited coaches have completed professional training and must meet ethical standards, however, experienced business coaches with years of experience may lack accreditation. Regardless of their training, coaches should be eager to provide references.

Look for coaching consulting services that offer a trial period or free session

Professional coaches go the extra mile to ensure you're comfortable with their style and service. Most coaching consultants are able to provide a complimentary or free session, while virtual coaching usually features low-cost options.
  • Most coaching programs last for at least 3 months; you and your coach should discuss your goals to agree on a length of time and total fee.
  • Consider coaching vs. consulting services. Consultants are experts that diagnose then fix a problem. Coaches offer long-term assistance and aid you to create your own solutions.
  • Some coaches offer money-back guarantees if unsatisfied with their services during the first month.