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Consulting :: Conflict Resolution Center - Minnesota

Conflict Consulting When mediation is not possible, or consultation is preferable, consultants work with you to explore the conflict and potential steps toward ...

Conflict Resolution Consulting: Using Mediation to Improve ...

This workshop will provide a framework for mediators who would like to enter the emerging field of conflict resolution consulting, and learn how to integrate ...

Conflict Management Consultants: Online Conflict-Resolution ...

Conflict Management Consultants offers online courses in mediation skills. Learn proven conflict-resolution techniques: Participate from your own location, ...

When to Hire a Conflict Resolution Consultant? - Stanislaw ...

In most situations, unproductive conflict in the workplace can be resolved | When to hire a conflict resolution consultants.

Facilitating Peace: Peace and Conflict Resolution Consultants

is a consulting network of experienced professionals working to prevent and resolve violent conflict by serving those most concerned – parties in the conflict, civil ...

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Stephen Kotev | Conflict Resolution Consultant, Stress Management ...

Stephen Kotev: Conflict Resolution, Somatic Educator, Stress Management.

Workplace Conflict Resolution | Artixan Consulting Group

Workplace Conflict Resolution. Artixan Consulting Group can develop conflict resolution processes tailored to your industry and corporate culture. Employees ...

Consensus Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Consensus is a negotiation and conflict resolution consulting firm that offers an array of highly-specialized services through three practice areas: Consulting, ...

Conflict resolution specialist profiles | LinkedIn

Professionals with the job title Conflict resolution specialist are on LinkedIn. ... Senior Consultant in Social Dialogue and Conflict Resolution at FUNPADEM, ...

Conflict Resolution Consulting | CMA Business Consulting Services

Our conflict resolution services are tailored to your specific situation, and our business-trained consultants will design a process for resolution.

Conflict Management Consulting

PSI's conflict management consulting services provide end-to-end conflict management strategies for all stakeholders across your organization. Comprehensive ...

Family Business Conflict Resolution & Communication Skills | The ...

Communication and conflict resolution are critical skills for any family in business together. ... We help families address communication gaps and areas of conflict so that ... 2014 The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Conflict Resolution Consultants

The job of conflict resolution and mediation consultants exists because of bullying, cliques, power trips, hen pecking and a long laundry list of relationship problems in the workplace. Yes, more goes on in workplaces across the country than just productivity. The boss can bring in the business managers, the new software and automation, but if employees feel an undercurrent or outer manifestation of conflict and discord in the workplace, it is difficult to do good work.

A dispute resolution consultant will work with employees, managers and supervisors to try to find the underlying cause of issues. They will give workshops, seminars and training to leaders of organizations and key employees. Consider the following when looking for a conflict resolution consultant:

1. Look to a workplace conflict consultant to help resolve disputes in the workplace.

2. Attend a workshop or seminar in conflict resolution.

3. Find conflict consulting to deal with specifics of conflict resolution.

Use creative conflict consultants with credentials and experience

All things work out sooner or later. However, sometimes your business does not have the time or money for later. That's when a professional group or a workplace conflict consultant from an outside source may be able to help. Companies who specialize in conflict resolution may be able to mediate and find answers that insiders can't see.

Attend a workshop or seminar with creative conflict consultants

Sometimes a workshop or seminar is what employees or executives need to get out of the conflict rut. Conflict-resolution groups have their own personalities, techniques, expertise and style. You may want to look around and see which one appeals to you the most before signing up you or your staff.

Use international conflict resolution consultants and specific-issue resolution tools

Dispute resolution consultants may zero in on a particular issue of conflict resolution and give it a name. This may be a specific issue under the larger umbrella of conflict resolution such as "abrasive managers," "listening skills" or "bullying."

  • When conflict persists in the workplace whether outwardly or as the silent undercurrent, it may be helpful to bring in outside sources to look into the problem. Look around and find a company that works the best-maybe you prefer to have a local company to save money. Find conflict resolution consulting managers who you can talk to easily and discuss your problems openly.