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Providers of divorce record search services. Find divorce records from public record providers specializing in public divorce records. Identify companies that provide online divorce records search capabilities.

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Divorce Records Search Basics

Couples need to obtain final divorce paperwork, which can later be located by virtually anyone willing to perform a divorce record search, in order to dissolve their marriage. In this country, all divorce records are considered public and can become part of a background check.

Pricing and Costs of Divorce Records Search

In the United States, divorce records are public. A divorce records database contains all the divorce listings for a particular area or region.

Divorce Records Search Key Terms

There are many types of divorce records. These records can document alimony or spousal support, child support, child support orders, the divorce decree itself, dissolution and custody documents.

3 Ways to Find Divorce Records - wikiHow

Picture 555.png. 1. Try a Google search using either party's name. If the record of divorce was made public, for any ...

Divorce Records | Vital Record Searches -

A divorce record, also known as a marriage dissolution certificate, belongs in the category of vital records. Utilized by the government for civil registration periods ...

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In a few of the marriage collections on Ancestry, you will find the indexes that link to images of actual marriage records. In other cases, there are indexes that ...

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Find divorce records for free by state. You can also use our free background check page to search a wide variety of public records such as warrants, sex ...

Texas Vital Statistics – Marriage and Divorce verification

Feb 10, 2014 ... Instructions on requesting a marriage or divorce verification in Texas. ... Indexes ( lists) of marriage or divorce records by year may be ...

Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records - New York State ...

Search. Search this site: ... Welcome to the New York State Vital Records web site. ... Also on file are divorce records for all of New York State since 1963.

How do I Find Divorce Records for Free? - Answers

There are a small amount of web sites that will provide divorce records to you for ... the name of the person you're searching, as well as the name of their (former.

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Jul 10, 2013 ... Visit: for Free Marriage & Divorce Records Search Online... How to Do INSTANT Marriage & Divorce Records ...

Divorce Records – Finding Divorce Records Online - Divorce Support

Some divorce records are kept at the state level, some are kept at the county level. To find out where the divorce records you want are located you can search  ...

Divorce Records Search

When an employer conducts a background check, some of the items that may turn up from the courts are divorce records. This can alert your human resources department to court orders to garnish wages for alimony or support, or possible trouble from ex-spouses, depending on the nature of the divorce. Turning up divorce information now can prevent unpleasant surprises later.

Several online services are available to find divorce records. For example, is a valuable site that provides background check price quotes. In addition, employers should contact the courts directly to obtain more detailed information. In most states, divorce decrees are a matter of public record unless they have been sealed by the judge.

Checking for divorce records can turn up the following information:
  1. Alimony and child support orders;
  2. Back support due;
  3. Court warrants for nonpayment.

Find a divorce record online

Online services can save much time in uncovering information and are usually quicker and easier than contacting the courts. The fee is usually worth the investment for an online divorce record search. The down side is that not all online services are equal in terms of actual information provided.

Beware of free online divorce records

Many sites on the Internet bill themselves as offering free public divorce records. Once you pass the first page, however, you quickly find yourself stonewalled by a page requiring fees of varying amounts. Decide on your own whether to trust the information offered by such sites.

Get the details of public divorce records

Services providing online divorce records will give varying amounts of information. For specifics, you likely will need to contact the court in which the decree was issued and you may need to go to the courthouse to search divorce records. In some cases, you can obtain the information from a state agency. Fees will vary according to state and agency.
National Center for Health Statistics offers a directory of contacts in each state for public divorce records.
  • You can save employee time and resources by using online services for divorce records. Once you find divorce records online, you should still verify the information with the court of record.