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Workers Compensation Resources for Employees / Injured Employees

Workers' Compensation Resources for Employees/Injured Employees. ... Information about the different types of workers' compensation benefits available.

Benefits, University of Cincinnati

Benefits are a part of your total compensation at UC ... benefits plans, benefits summaries, as well as information about employee ... STRS Member Resources.

U.S. Department of Labor - A Summary of Major DOL Laws

For authoritative information and references to fuller descriptions on these laws, you ... of and links to various sources of information on DOL's rulemaking activities and regulations. ... It requires employers to pay covered employees who are not otherwise ... Title I of ERISA is administered by the Employee Benefits Security ...

Human Resources | Wright State University

Human Resources provides helpful links and employee information that you'll ... delivering a highly competitive employee benefit program, market driven compensation and ... EMPLOYEES: Electronic Time Sheets need to be submitted on-line NO ... by the deadline so everyone receives their pay Friday, September 5 , 2014.

Benefits and Compensation - Human Resources - University of San ...

Human Resources · Employment and EEO · Jobs Search ... Drop Shadow. Home › Benefits and Compensation ... Contact Information. Phone (619) 260-4594

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Human Resources / Benefits / Workers' Compensation / Information

Workers' Compensation Information. All employees and supervisors must promptly and properly report Workers' Compensation incidents, and employees must ...

Benefits & Workers' Compensation - Human Resources Service ...

Our Benefits and Workers' Compensation unit's mission is to help provide information regarding employee benefits areas listed below. Our unit's experts also ...

Benefits - Human Resources - Emory University

Emory University Human Resources ... Benefits. healthy you images ... HEALTH BENEFITS ... 403(b) Roth · 457(b) Deferred Compensation · Retirement Plan Counseling · Plan Disclosure Notice. EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS ... Benefits for Medical House Staff ... Benefits for Retirees · Post-65 Retiree Medical Information  ...

Benefits and Compensation-Human Resources - Carnegie Mellon ...

Human Resources provides benefits in six core areas: ... provided retirement contributions and employee retirement savings vehicles) ... Benefits Information:.

Staff | Rutgers University Human Resources

This page offers information and resources for staff employees who work at Rutgers University. ... An overview of many benefits that are available to our employees ... Classification Assistance Information · Employee Compensation Information ...

Trinity University | Human Resources | Employee Benefits: Workers ...

Human Resources | Employee Benefits: Workers Compensation Information ... Any delay may jeopardize the employee's right to worker's compensation.

State Employee Benefits & Compensation - Mass.Gov

Disability Information and Resources .... Home · Employment, Equal Access, Disability; Benefits & Compensation. State Employee Benefits & Compensation ...

Employee Compensation and Benefits Information Resources

To attract and retain the top people in your field, you need an employee compensation and benefits package that sets your company apart. Today's professionals want more than paid vacation days and a retirement plan; they're also looking for incentives that encourage a work-life balance and personal and professional advancement. As important as being creative and relevant is, though, it's equally important to comply with the federal regulations regarding fair wages and benefits like medical and family leave.

Employee benefits industry resources can help you create a compensation and benefits package that encourages people to join, and stay with, your company, and that also meets federal guidelines. Through employee benefits reference materials, you can:
  1. Research employee benefits by industry.
  2. Find out what laws govern benefits and compensation.
  3. Keep up with the latest trends in benefits and compensation.
  4. Discover what kind of benefits and compensation employees want.
  5. Read employee benefits industry reports.

Stay current on the latest trends in benefits by keeping up with the employee benefits industry

Associations for third-party benefits providers can help you stay up-to-date on popular benefits and incentive products. Here, you'll find information on what's new, and what's working well for other companies.

Comply with federal regulations by researching legal employee compensation and benefits information

Much of what an employer includes in a benefits package is at their discretion; however, there are some benefits that are legally mandated. Many health benefits, for example, are required by law, such as Newborns' and Mother's Protection, or Women's Health and Cancer Rights Protections.
wages section. For up-to-date legal compensation and benefits information, subscribe to the Benefits & Compensation Law Alert from

Find employee compensation and benefits information resources specific to your type of organization

Maybe your company can't afford compensation or benefits as impressive as that of a Fortune 500 company. Nonprofit groups or small businesses, for example, may have a smaller budget to work with, and may have to be more creative when putting together employee compensation and benefits packages. You can partner with a local health club to offer discounted memberships, or allow employees to do volunteer work during business hours, for example.
  • If you want to know what employees want in compensation and benefits, go straight to the source - your current staff members. A simple survey can tell you what parts of your compensation and benefits package employees like, and what they'd like you to change.