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Directory of public records research services include worker criminal reports and bankruptcy records. Research listings to find links to criminal background checks and information on employee public records.

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Employee Public Records Basics

By searching for employee public records basics, a business can filter out any potential problem employees. If you can determine the specifics of a potential or existing employee’s history through public records, it can be a big advantage for your human resources department.

Employee Public Records Key Terms

Searching through employee public records has become a standard part of the hiring process. HR managers naturally want confirmation that an applicant does not have a criminal record and has not otherwise lied about their personal and professional background.

DataUniverse | The Asbury Park Press NJ |

Search New Jersey and U.S. public records for data on government spending and payrolls, schools, ... Public records of Federal, State and Local employees.

Are public employee personnel records open to the public?

A: While the public is restricted from accessing certain types of personal information, ... All other public employee personnel records are presumed open to public ...

State of Florida Employee Salaries

Employee Name: (e.g. "John ... Name, M.I., Employee Type, Full/Part ... Confidential or exempt information under Florida Public Records Law is not included.

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Records open to Employees - Department of Workforce Development

Records open to Employees - the law and what records are considered open, how to correct inaccuracies in the personnel records and how to file a labor ...

YourMoney.NJ.Gov - NJ Transparency Center | Public Payroll

Public Payroll - his payroll data for public employees is updated quarterly and ... under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act pursuant to N.J.S.A. 47:1A-9 ...

Employee Salary Search - Miami-Dade County

Mar 26, 2014 ... This employee salary search should not be used as a substitute for public records requests. By filling out the form on the contact page, you ...

Public Records - Washington State Department of Personnel

Below are links to areas of our website with commonly requested records or information. . For state workforce data, such as the number of state employees: ...

State Personnel Records - Ohio Department of Administrative Services

The Office of HCM and Agency HR Support's Employee Records Unit is ... Certain items in Personnel files are public record and are therefore available to the ...

Search - Salary Search - OpenDoor -

Salaries displayed in the search include employees of agencies under the ... Official business records, Open Records Requests, and questions pertaining to the ...

Search 2013-14 Kentucky state employee salaries | Public Records ...

Jul 10, 2013 ... Ninety-three percent of Kentucky's state employees in the latest searchable database are full-time workers. The data includes more than 41000 ...

Employee Public Records

There are many excellent reasons to look into potential and current employee public records. Naturally, you want honest employees for your business' sake, but there have also been cases in which businesses paid high costs because they unknowingly hired dishonest employees. In one case, for example, burglars who murdered a homeowner turned out to be employees of a carpet cleaning service the homeowner had hired. In court, the carpet cleaning company was accused of "negligent hiring" and paid $11 million in damages because the burglars had criminal backgrounds.

There are various levels of background checks, each requiring a different investment of time and money. Employers shouldn't skimp on background checks, but it also makes sense to invest in employee public records according to the job. For example, a thorough background check is in order for anyone who'll be working around children or in customers' homes, but a minimal to medium-level check makes sense for many other employees. With that in mind, consider these possible ways to look into employee public records:

1. Use free information on employee public records.
2. Pay for medium-level employee public records research.
3. Hire a pro to conduct thorough employee public records research.

Choose free employee and criminal background checks

It is always free to look at court and public record office paperwork, either online or in person, but these records aren't always accurate. Still, for potential employees whose jobs warrant only cursory looks at their backgrounds, this is a viable option. As with all types of background checks, keep records (notes and printouts) of your attempts to look into employees' backgrounds.

Pay for mid-level info on public records

There are many online services offering more advanced information on court record searches, employment history records, bankruptcy records, criminal reports and similar information. Again, the details have the potential to be inaccurate or incomplete. Also, be sure to check your state's laws about what sort of information you, as an employer, may pay to discover about a potential or current employee.

Hire an investigator to conduct a thorough employee public records research

For high-level positions or positions in which dishonest employees could seriously harm your customers or your business, an exhaustive search is probably in order. Private investigators usually begin with public records and do further research when red flags appear. There are bogus agencies out there, however, so if a PI won't tell you where he or she got the information, or says the information is "proprietary," find another agency.

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