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Vendors of employee reward programs and employee promotions. Research suppliers of employee rewards, including employee recognition rewards, and employee gifts. Identify employee rewards systems that fit your business needs.

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Employee Rewards News and Trends

Employee recognition rewards are key to keeping your business functioning smoothly. With workplace promotions in place your employees are more likely to be productive and are more likely to make sure everything about the business operates smoothly.

Making the Most of Employee Rewards

If you are just getting your business started, you know it can be difficult to give expensive employee rewards no matter how much you would like to do so. The same is true if the economy slows down.

Employee Rewards Key Terms

In an ever changing and global workplace, it’s vital to find the balance between motivating employees, quality service and generating profits. Although there are many reward programs in existence, the ability to recognize the contributions of workplace staff can take on a broad range of tactics.

25 Ways to Reward Employees (Without Spending a Dime) - HR World

25 Ways to Reward Employees (Without Spending a Dime). By Dan Tynan. Your firm's employees work hard (well, most of them). And in a world where ...

The Best Ways to Reward Employees - Entrepreneur

Every company needs a strategic reward system for employees that addresses these four areas: compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation.

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25 Low-Cost Ways to Reward Employees - Forbes

Mar 1, 2013 ... reward employees Research shows that feeling appreciated—which comes from recognition from others—is one of the top three drivers of ...

51 Ways to Reward Employees Without Money | OPEN Forum

Sure, many companies feel strapped right now and may duck their head and run in the other direction at the mere mention.

20 Informal Ways to Reward and Retain Your Employees

Read this list of 20 suggestions to help you find little ways of letting your employees know you notice, and value, their contributions to the company.

Rewards and Recognition | Engaged Employees | 10 Essentials

Rewards and recognition have never been more popular, and there's a reason. Incentives are the secret to engaged employees. Get the all the essentials here.

Employee Reward and Recognition Systems - Encyclopedia ...

So while small businesses need to get more from their employees, their employees are looking for more out of them. Employee reward and recognition ...

Top 3 Employee Rewards and Recognition Trends for 2014

Nov 22, 2013 ... Low levels of employee engagement are plaguing companies today and improved rewards and recognition programs are the solution, ...

Sally Beauty Rewards - Advanced-Online

Enter your employee id number: Enter your Store number: Finally, click on your company's logo below: Sally Beauty USA Sally Beauty Canada Sally Beauty ...

Employee Rewards and Promotions

Retaining talent is one key to growing a successful business. To do so, you need to reward them for great performance. By giving your employees special rewards, you can:
  1. Foster a positive, productive workplace.
  2. Encourage loyalty and a sense of ownership in your business
  3. Surprise employees without creating a feeling of entitlement.
  4. Keep your customers happy — because happier employees do better work.

Have employees take stock

Employees care more about the success of their employer when they own part of the company. Stock options, which allow an employee to purchase a certain number of shares at a certain price, have been the historic model for employee ownership; aside from stock options, you can also offer employee stock purchase plans (ESPP, which give employees a discount off the current stock price) or restricted stock (which retains value even when the stock price drops).

Give them bonuses when your company does well

Bonuses come in many flavors: profit-sharing (typically divvied up as a percentage of each employee's salary), gain sharing (rewards for productivity gains), task bonuses (at the end of an assignment) or spot bonuses (given when an employee deserves special recognition). Companies that provide bonuses generally create bonus funds worth about 2.5 percent of total salaries and wages.

Send them on a trip

If employees deserve special recognition — for instance, as a reward for beating their sales quotas — consider a travel package.

Schedule playtime

Employees are often motivated by competition or contests that allow them to earn non-monetary rewards. Sports-related rewards are popular. If you listen to water-cooler talk around the office, you'll know which sports everyone likes.

Let employees choose

Instead of trying to select an appropriate reward for your employees, you can instead let them do the choosing.
  • Make sure the reward fits your workplace culture and values.
  • Reserve rewards for special occasions; employees who constantly expect rewards won't appreciate them as much when they do arrive.
  • Money sometimes makes the best gift, but instead of cash you can hand out gift cards or savings bonds.
  • Consider using time as a reward, such as a three-day weekend or a shorter workday.
  • Remember that rewards must be accounted for on tax forms.

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