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Directory of employee surveys and employee questionnaires. Get employee feedback forms to help you stay on top of the morale and employee satisfaction with company surveys.

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Conducting Employee Surveys

Employees are the most important asset at any company, and employee surveys are a great way to tap employee ideas and gauge worker satisfaction. Surveys can net you valuable insight on how to plan your growth, and stem small problems before they get big.

Employee Surveys Basics

Employee surveys can be an effective way for companies to receive feedback regarding issues such as their employees’ level of satisfaction, how they feel about business operations and identifying areas for improvement. You can have surveys developed, administered and analyzed in-house, or your organization may wish to contact consultants to educate you on employee surveys basics.

Employee Surveys Key Terms

Employee surveys are an effective way to find out how your employees feel about working in your organization. This type of survey is usually tied to business objectives and can provide management with a view of how well the company is being managed and what can be done to increase productivity and profitability.

Employee Survey: Templates and Questions | SurveyMonkey

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Employee Survey | WorkplaceDynamics

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Sample Survey Employee Surveys Online Web Questionnaire

Employee Surveys. Concerns about dissention, appearing overly eager, feigning praise, or drawing too much attention can all lead employees to adjust their ...

Employee surveys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The benefits of conducting regular employee surveys can be considerable, but for surveys to be effective important upfront considerations need to be made.

Employee Surveys | Employee Feedback Survey | NBRI

Employee surveys increase satisfaction, engagement, productivity, and retention. Are your employees aligned with your strategy & objectives? Find out today.

The Basics of a Meaningful Employee Satisfaction Survey | Monster ...

An annual employee survey can help spot underperforming managers and ultimately decrease employee turnover.

Employee Surveys | Feedback & Opinions on Workplace Trust

The Trust Index Employee Survey is the most extensive and trusted employee feedback survey in corporate America taken by over 10M employees annually.

Sample Employee Survey Items - CustomInsight

If you are planning to conduct an employee survey, the questions listed below are examples of the topics to address. These sample employee survey questions  ...

Employee Surveys - Office of Personnel Management

Federal Agencies are required by law to conduct The Annual Employee Survey. Following are links to additional information and guidance on mandatory survey ...


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Making the Most of Employee Surveys

Employee surveys provide feedback to management as to how employees feel the organization is operating. Survey results indicate employee attitudes, level of motivation, opinions/suggestions regarding areas of improvement and their level of satisfaction.

Employees typically complete surveys in one of two ways: on paper or online. However, informal meetings between management and staff can also be an effective tool in gaining insight into employee concerns and attitudes if there is a level of comfort and trust between the two groups.

Making the most of employee surveys requires companies to:

1. Ensure the survey is manageable and can be completed in a relatively short time.

2. Give employees a limited amount of time to complete surveys. If the deadline for completing a survey is two or more weeks, completing the survey may slip their mind.

3. Develop surveys that require true/false, yes/no or priority ranking responses. These types of responses provide management a more accurate reading of employees’ morale and satisfaction versus questionnaires uses range/ratings responses.

Utilize the resources of online employee survey providers to administer effective surveys

Employee feedback forms must be short and to the point, yet contain enough questions for management to get a read on employees' morale, opinions and satisfaction. If surveys are overwhelming in terms of in-depth questions or overall length, employees will lose interest and fail to complete the employee questionnaires.

Use exit interviews as a measure of employee satisfaction

Exit interviews can be an invaluable resource in gaining insight into employee satisfaction. Ask your employees why they are leaving. Are they leaving to earn more money, receive better health benefits or is management to fault? Exiting employees can inform you of concerns remaining employees may have and offer suggestions as to how the organization can make improvements.

Take action on the results of employee information surveys

It is important for management to discuss survey results with employees. Action (or strategic) plans allow organizations to prioritize issues identified in company surveys and develop a plan that will address and resolve the issues.

  • Administer employee satisfaction surveys periodically to gauge an organization's progress in addressing employee concerns identified in previous surveys. This type of corporate communications survey can not only monitor the organization's progress in resolving existing issues and concerns, but also identify any new concerns that may have developed.

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