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Vendors offering employment tests and employee testing software for employee skills assessment. Find providers of personnel skill assessment tools to help you determine the skill levels of your employees.

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Employment Tests Basics

Before hiring a new employee, you will possibly want to use employment tests to measure their capabilities. Employment testing may involve rating a prospective employee’s skill level, personality, literacy, health and more.

Employment Test Key Terms

Employment tests and the key terms used to describe them are vital to know in order to hire the best possible candidates for any organization. Employees come with recommendations and resumes, but these documents are not always valid or factual.

Using Employee Assessments to Increase Retention - SuccessFactors

Find out why the simple employee assessment is one of the best ways to increase employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

Employee Assessment - Employee Retention - Improving Job ...

Provides employee assessment and retention solutions designed to help businesses reduce turnover and improve employee retention.

Employee Assessments | Fox Valley Technical College

Maximize the potential in your organization with effective employee assessments. Choose from over a thousand existing assessments or work with Fox Valley ...

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Enterprise Talent Management Solutions | Profiles International

Employment Assessment Tools ... and hiring processes, and also must have established programs in place to help each employee reach their full potential.

Employment Assessment & Testing Products | Profiles International

Assessment tools provide you with important insights about employees or candidates, to help you choose the right people for your organization, and match new ...

Employee Evaluation, Review and Assessment: Disiplining and ...

Firing an employee or giving an underperforming employee a negative review are some of the toughest things you'll ever have to do as a business owner.

Employee Assessments For Measuring Any Skill In Any Position

Whether you are looking for a single employee assessment or support for a full hiring process, Select International has a solution that's right for you. We have ...

In-Depth Employee Assessment For Selecting Effective Performers

Use these employee assessments to screen out applicants who are poor fits and identify top performers who contribute to your company's bottom line.

NCSA Online Training and Certification

NCSA offers training and certification programs on a variety of popular software titles and programming languages.
Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-Employment Aptitude and Personality testing to help you improve your Hiring Decisions. Reduce Turnover & Lower Training Costs. Contact Us Today!

Pre-Employment Testing

For increasing numbers of small business owners, a "gut feeling" about a job candidate just isn't enough anymore. There are too many ways for a new hire to go wrong, and excessive job turnover is too expensive for a small operation to absorb. One way to check your "gut" is to put pre-employment testing to work for your small business.

Once the exclusive realm of big business HR departments, pre-employment testing now is available to smaller companies and affordable as well. And testing has won converts as an accurate predictor of actual job performance. In fact, testing companies claim a success rate four times higher than traditional job interviews alone. Testing is considered fair and appropriate because professionally-prepared tests are impartial and not subject to the preconceptions of a job interviewer. And testing gives all applicants an equal opportunity. Standard types of pre-employment testing include:
  1. Aptitude testing
  2. Online testing
  3. Personality testing
  4. Substance testing
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Let outside experts do it for you

If the size of your business warrants, it might make sense to outsource your pre-employment testing needs to a specialty firm.

Get do-it-yourself help from testing experts

Designing pre-employment tests is a job better left to experts. But there are great, affordable products that let you conduct the testing yourself, either in your place of business or online.

Get the pre-employment testing FAQs

A bevy of federal rules govern pre-employment testing, including physicals. Get answers to the most common questions on pre-employment testing, including legal compliance issues.

Peruse sample test reports

See what test reports look like for different types of pre-employment testing, such as sales skills, work ethic and computer knowledge.
  • To steer clear of problems under the ADA don't ask an applicant about his or her medical history and don't conduct any medical exam, including a drug test before you make a job offer. You can make a conditional offer, based on them successfully passing the tests.
  • Sometimes multiple choice aptitude tests may be viewed as discriminatory because they reflect test-taking ability rather than actual job skills.
  • Usually skill tests are legal, provided they test a skill that is deemed necessary for the performance of a job.
  • Remember that not everyone is adept at test taking. You may not want to screen someone out because they don't perform well on the test, particularly if they have been otherwise impressive.

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