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Expatriate Benefits

Expatriate compensation for overseas employees is complex at best. There are companies who can handle both expat compensation and expat benefits professionally and efficiently, making it a great deal easier for the employee to get business done for you.

Expatriate Benefits Education and Training

With even the smallest companies opening offices overseas, understanding expatriate benefits and compensation is a must for any business. Providing expat benefits involves more than putting together a nice retirement package or providing health insurance.

Expatriate Benefits for Beginners

To begin a tutorial on expatriate benefits for beginners you must first understand what an expatriate is. An expatriate is a worker who is temporarily or permanently residing in a foreign country.

Expatriate Benefits: Perks of an Expat Job | InterNations Magazine

Almost everyone choosing life as an expatriate benefits from this experience in many respects. InterNations shows you how being an expatriate will benefit you.

IMF Recruitment -- Expatriate Benefits

Expatriate Benefits. The IMF recognizes the challenges involved in an international move, both for you and for your family members. We provide several forms of ...

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Just Landed Expatriates: Expatriate benefits Expatriate salaries ...

Expatriate salaries and benefits: Since very few employers like the idea of being sent abroad for a limited time, many companies offer special expatriate benefits ...

/// HR Expat - The expatriate's package - RHExpat

The expatriate has a compensation equivalent to that of a host local employee for a similar job title and benefits from additional premiums or benefit-in-kinds.

Week-by-Week Guide to Moving Overseas ~ Expat Career Issues ...

Expat Career Issues -- Negotiating Your Expat Benefits Package - Week-by- Week Guide to Moving Overseas from Expat Exchange - relocation package, expat ...

MetLife Expat

Uncover valuable insights about expatriate benefits from our latest release. ... The recent health insurance mandate could have repercussions on expatriates.

Negotiating Relocation Packages. Negotiating an Expat Contract ...

There are a number of sections that should be included when negotiating an expat contract, including benefits and compensation, roles and responsibilities and ...

Expatriate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An expatriate (sometimes shortened to expat) is a person temporarily or .... of income of expatriate spouses, although they often do provide other benefits and ...

Benefits | Saudi Aramco expatriate careers website

Why Saudi Aramco? We are currently undergoing a major transformation program to realize our vision to become the world's leading integrated energy and ...

Expatriate Benefits Key Terms

Many global-based companies require that their employees have a degree of international work experience to be promoted to higher-level positions. Expatriate work assignments challenge both the workers and their families, and most globally based businesses offer expatriate incentive packages that compensate employees. To understand the compensatory packages, it’s important to learn the expatriate benefits key terms


An expatriate is an employee who is not a citizen of the country in which the business operations are located. Expatriates usually don't plan on living in their new country permanently, but if they do they usually retain their citizenship in their native country.


Localization is the process of changing the expatriate benefit package to a plan that is the same as one offered to employees locally.

Tax equalization

Tax equalization ensures that while the expatriate employee is working in another country, he or she pays the same amount of Social Security taxes and income taxes as if they were working for the business while living in the United States.

Expatriate compensation

The salary base rate and increases must address the changes that are seen in the cost of living and the overall experience and job responsibilities that employees and their families undertake when they relocate to another country.

International/expatriate medical insurance

International/expatriate medical insurance provides expatriates with coverage for medical expenses that occur when the employee is traveling, or living, temporarily in a foreign country. This type of coverage usually extends to major medical expenses like hospital stays and surgery done in an emergency.

Balance-sheet approach

The main focus of using the balance-sheet approach is ensuring that expatriate employees have a lifestyle in the host country that is equivalent to the lifestyle they would have at home. Factors such as housing, quality and cost of living, and transportation are taken into consideration when using this approach.