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Human Resource Flowchart Applications and Uses

The flow chart is the easiest way for a business to keep track of the ungoing process, who is involved and what needs to be changed. From hiring and training to compensation or department complexity, human resource flowchart applications and uses can keep a business running smoothly.

Human Resources Hiring Flowchart Example - SmartDraw

Flowcharts like this can help detail the steps of how Human Resources chooses and hires a candidate.

Selecting & Creating Flowcharts | Flowchart - HR management ...

ConceptDraw Flowcharts visualize a process or algorithm of program as step/ operation blocks of various shapes connected with arrowed lines showed the ...

Management & Human Resources Concentration Flow Chart

Management & Human Resources Concentration Flow Chart. Required Classes. BUS 382: Organizations,. People and. Technology. BUS 384: Human ...

HR process flowcharts :: Human Resources

HR process flowcharts. All process flowcharts (EP1s) are listed in the "how do I" section below. For further guidance please contact our HR Systems team.

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HR Process Flow Chart - manpower planning Xls Download.. CiteHR

I need hr process flow chart applicable any organisation e starting manpower planning exit cooperate regards seema Xls Download -...

The essential human resource management process

The human resource management process is illustrated in the essential human resource management process flowchart (page 4), which corresponds to ...

Hiring Process FlowChart

2, HIRING PROCESS FLOWCHART. 3. 4, Hiring : Start to Finish. 5, PRE- PROCESS. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11, Human Resources Officer advises Department.

Human Resource Flowchart Providers:

Business resources for Human Resource Flowchart. View relevant Human Resources company listings, tips & advice, or describe your project and get matched ...

Kairros - Human Resources Flowchart

Human Resources Flowchart. Kairros Goals and Values. Kairros Flow Chart. We value team members who: Are dedicated employees in their field. Offer a ...

Duke Human Resources: Flowchart

Human Resources at Duke University. ... Flowchart. Click here to view the Reduction-in-force flowchart. About HR · Services & Administration · Duke Today  ...


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Management (BSBA-HRM). FLOWCHART SCHOOL YEAR BATCH 2013-2014.

Human Resource Flowchart Key Terms

For the human resource professional trying to standardize workflow processes, the use of flow diagrams, flowchart templates and process mapping can aid in this effort. Understanding human resource flowchart key terms provides the flexibility to explain company practices for training purposes, analyze in-house daily operational methods for consultations, or adapt innovative procedures offered by industry peers.

Flow diagram

A flow diagram is the arrangement of data units, designated symbols and flow lines with arrows to display each step in a transaction, task or procedure. Theis visual representation charts the progression of a work related function or practice.

Trigger and target point

Trigger defines the first step or action in a process, task or procedure. It is the identified starting place that begins each data unit in the flowchart. The target point is the concluding deed in a chain of events listed on the chart.

Flowchart templates

Flowchart templates are prefabricated layouts designed to assist human resource personnel in creating flowcharts. These ready-made patterns provide symbols, shapes, flow lines and arrows to delineate sequential steps for organizational charts.


Flowcharting uses basic geometric shapes and cut-outs to define types of action, decision making points, and the start or end of a process step. Certain figures, or symbols, are common communication tools to indicate industry standards for flowchart data, equations or workflow tasks.

Process mapping

Process mapping is a visual illustration of a work-related process that utilizes symbols for each action, detail, step or task.

Deployment or matrix flow chart

The linear chart is the most commonly used flowchart, but deployment or matrix flowcharts are a primary variation used to provide necessary detail to fully convey the process, method, tasks and who handles the tasks.