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Online Rewards HR Tools

Online Rewards knows that positive, appreciative work environments help you retain top talent. Our web-based rewards program makes implementation easy. Contact us today.

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Conducting Employee Surveys

Employees are the most important asset at any company, and employee surveys are a great way to tap employee ideas and gauge worker satisfaction. Surveys can net you valuable insight on how to plan your growth, and stem small problems before they get big.

Setting up a Keogh Plan

Back in 1962, when there were limited alternatives for self-employed individuals interested in starting their own pension funds, Congress created the Keogh plan as a new type of self-directed retirement program. A lot has changed in the world of retirement plans since then, but the Keogh is still around.

Hiring People with Disabilities

Many working people have disabilities, some of which are more visible or disabling than others. An employee who wears bifocals and enlarges computer type to see better is someone overcoming a disability.

Promotional Plaques and Awards

Promotional plaques and other awards in the workplace can tell employees their work is noticed and valued. More than just a pat on the back or money that's quickly spent, a seemingly simple piece of engraved wood or gift certificate can provide a visual reminder to the recipient and those around them that you're paying attention.

Becoming a Better Delegator

Although it often seems like you have to do a job yourself if you want it done right, you'll find you can get more done — and be less stressed — if you share the joy with others on your team. Delegation isn't really the hassle you think it is.

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Employee Scheduling Software and Policies

Employee scheduling is one of the most important aspects of your daily operation. Not only do you need to ensure the work gets done, but that the time working is tracked properly.

Offering Employee Benefits

Many small business owners think they can't afford to offer employee benefits. In reality, small businesses can't afford not to offer a benefits package of some type.

Employee Language Training

English is pretty much the language of global business, even the language of Europe's boardrooms and Asian b-schools these days. Yet learning a second or even third language could make a huge difference if your company is facing foreign suppliers, contractors, partners or, increasingly, customers right here at home.

Everyday Safety in the Workplace

For business owners and managers, safety is paramount to productivity. Guidelines from OSHA will help get you on the right track, but meeting OSHA requirements and building safety requirements isn’t always enough to completely safeguard your employees.

How to Write a Resume

The job market can be a scary place. A virtual obstacle course, it’s competitive, hard to navigate and full of potential pitfalls.

Employee Recognition Gifts and Awards

Employee recognition awards are powerful motivators in the workplace – both for those who receive these employee awards, and for other employees, who see the concrete proof that hard work does truly pay off, but also promote employee loyalty, and professional and personal satisfaction levels. The top three things to know about employee recognition awards: 1) Corporate recognition awards inspire all of your employees (not only the gift recipients).

Attracting and Onboarding Great Talent

We have all heard it before. Talent attracts talent.

Workplace Answers

Workplace Answers - Interactive training for companies and higher-ed organizations both large and small.
The Game Show Source

The Game Show Source has been providing interactive TV style game shows productions worldwide for over 20 years. Put our experience to work for you!
US Overtime Lawyers

Overtime lawsuit help: free consultations from experienced unpaid overtime attorneys and informational articles on state overtime laws and the FLSA.

Human Resource Flowchart Software

A human resource flowchart allows you to show who is in charge of what department, and who has seniority throughout your company. By providing a human resource flowchart to your employees, they will know exactly whom they need to go to when they have a question, problem or complaint, and who to go to if that person can't help. It is a map pointing your employees in the right direction when they need to talk to someone in charge.

You can create your own human resource flowchart to provide your employees. You can search the Internet for a human resource flowchart provider or look through a human resource flowchart directory. Once you pick a provider, you'll want to find software for creating your human resource flowchart, learn information on how to structure it and create and distribute the flowchart to your employees.

1. Choose software that will allow you to easily create a human resource flowchart.

2. Learn information you should include in your human resource flowchart.

3. Decide the best method for creating and distributing your human resource flowchart.

Find human resource flowchart software

There are many programs available to help you create flowcharts. You can browse through the Internet to see what each one has to offer, but some will offer better software for human resource flowcharts than others. Compare these programs to choose the one that will work best for you.

Find human resource flowchart information

Once you select a human resource flowchart software program, you'll need to know how to fill it out. A human resource flowchart will need some distinct features to provide your employees with the best flowchart.

Create and distribute your human resource flowchart

Once you have researched what should be implemented in your human resource flowchart, you're ready to create and distribute them. Access free services online to design your flowchart using creative graphics and stencils. You can use these tools to create your own unique flowcharts for your business.
  • Before creating your flowchart, make a human resource flowchart list of everyone who should be on the flowchart.

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