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Job Aptitude Test

Finding the right employees for you business can be tough. Resumes can be embellished, job seekers can flat-out lie and a charming personality can distract you from the candidate's competence.

Making the Most of a Job Aptitude Test

Job aptitude tests go further than the interview and can take some of the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to recruiting new workers, hiring those workers and retaining them, too. Testing can also provide insight into talent and abilities and open up your eyes to potential management material.

Job Aptitude Test Key Terms

Job aptitude tests are used by employers to screen potential applicants and to determine if an applicant's level of skill or knowledge might be a good fit for the job and company. Some employers might use job aptitude tests as an initial screen before an interview is offered, while others might use the aptitude tests as a supplement to the interview process.

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Career Aptitude Test - Step 1 of 4: SKILLS Rate your skill level for the following attributes: Low, Below Average, Average, Above Average, High. Logic: reasoning  ...

Take the Career Aptitude Test – Rasmussen College

Take the Career Aptitude Test. How to Take this Test. Position ... This test helps you determine the best career for you based on your unique skills and interests.

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Career Assessment Test - Career Colleges

Please answer the following 15 questions to the best of your ability. Your answers will be used to identify the career selection(s) that is most suited to your habits, ...

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Career Test for High School & College Students. Career Quiz Free Career Tests Job Quiz Online. Aptitude Placement Assessment: Middle School, Kids, Teens, ...

Welcome to, Home of MAPP Career Test

Online career test, free results. Career aptitude test or career assessment test. Free results, get career ideas, find the right job for you!

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Confused about career choices? Get career help and information with the Career Personality & Aptitude test (based on Holland codes for career interests, ...

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A free career test will help you know yourself and the right career for you. Take our free career test today.

Aptitude Tests - Career Assessment -

We asked the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation to adapt five career aptitude tests for you to try at home--no props or proctors necessary.

Free IQ Test, Career Aptitude Test, Personality, Kids IQ Test

Offers Online educational testing software products such as business personality test, career assessment test, child IQ test, IQ test, career profile, sales training ...

Job Aptitude Test Education and Training

A pre-screening career aptitude test can save a business time and money by screening out prospective hires who don't have the skills needed for the job. That's why prospective employees required to take a career aptitude test should take advantage of sample tests and other available training. Just like a school exam, aptitude tests for job interviews and promotions seem less tedious if you study and practice beforehand.

There are plenty of free resources available that help prepare you for an employment aptitude test. Some resources include general aptitude tests, while others will be job specific. It's important to remember that not all aptitude tests will involve pencil and paper and a long list of questions. Some tests may be done online or be handled more like an interview. When studying for an aptitude test remember the following:

1. You can never be fully prepared for a job aptitude test, so study all aspects of these tests.

2. Some employers use job skills aptitude tests for job promotions, so remember where the best resources are when applying for a promotion.

3. An aptitude test can take place at any time during the hiring process, so be prepared.

Learn about the type of job aptitude tests employers use

An aptitude test for jobs may not require you to answer math questions and compare apples to oranges. Some tests will be verbal while others will focus more on mechanical abilities, clerical skills or ask job-related questions. Knowing the sorts of tests used by employers can prepare you for a variety of tests.

Understand the law governing a pre-employment aptitude test

There are laws that govern the practice of job aptitude tests. Educating yourself on federal law helps ensure that the general job aptitude test you take follows legal guidelines. This is especially important if you suffer from a disability, since employers are required to avoid administering tests that discriminate against people with disabilities.

Take a sample online job aptitude test

Sample aptitude tests for jobs is one of the best ways to study and practice. Certain career sites offer general aptitude tests, while other sites offer job-specific sample tests.
  • Remember that a company can create a custom business aptitude test. This means that no matter how much you study, the test may have some questions you haven't seen while practicing. Learning all you can about a particular business field or company can prepare you for custom tests.

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