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Using Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are a great way to make sure that you obtain the right employee for the job and that employee continues to perform the tasks required. Concise career descriptions should include the job title, qualifications, and a clear and detailed list of job duties and expectations.

Job Descriptions Key Terms

HR professionals know that companies run more smoothly when employees know the main activities they are required to perform and the methods the company expects them to use in order to achieve clearly stated results. One way of communicating this essential message to your staff is to provide them with a job description that identifies their principal duties and relates each duty to a specific enterprise goal.

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These job description samples will help you compose a job posting that meets your company's needs.

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Need to know what's needed for an effective job description? They define an employee's role and responsibilities and provide clear direction.

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Job Descriptions Basics

Clear and concise job descriptions help keep your business on track. You can use them to attract potential employees or give current employees a better understanding of the duties maintained in their positions with your company. You can also use job descriptions as a reference point when evaluating an employee’s performance.

However, in order for a job description to serve its purpose successfully, you must author something that covers all necessary points. When writing a job description, include the following:

1. Be sure that you always list job descriptions basics such as the job title, salary and necessary qualifications.

2. Career descriptions should always include detailed expectations for someone holding that position.

3. Provide contact information when posting employment descriptions for job openings.

Include basic information when writing job descriptions

Job descriptions should always include information on the job title, starting salary, education requirements and experience criteria. While this is most crucial when posting job openings in newspaper ads or online searches, it doesn't hurt to maintain this information in your employee handbook, too, as a point of reference.

Outline position responsibilities in career descriptions

Equally as important as education, experience and salary is the information detailing the duties of the person holding that particular position. For example, a job description for a receptionist would list responsibilities such as answering telephones in a polite and courteous manner, filing documents and greeting guests as they enter the building. The more details you can provide, the better results you will have from potential job candidates and current employees. The goal is to make everyone know exactly what you expect of them.

Supply contact information when posting job descriptions online

If you're using the job description as a means of advertising a job opening, be sure to include information on how to apply for that job. Options can include sending a resume to a particular address provided, emailing a resume and cover letter to the HR department, or calling the place of business to schedule an interview.
  • Other information to consider including in job descriptions may be how much supervision someone holding that position would have, the chain of command if there are questions or problems, and ways to gain promotions or raises.

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