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Finding an Accountant or CPA

When picking an accountant for your business, choose wisely because you'll be sharing some of the most sensitive and intimate details of your business with this person. You'll be relying on your accountant to help you keep your finances in order, your books balanced and your taxes filed properly and on time.

Psychology Jobs

According to the U. S.

Real Estate Jobs

Real estate jobs can help you realize your career goals. The real estate industry has grown exponentially over the past few decades and increasingly so in recent years.

Real Estate Appraisal Jobs

Real estate appraisal careers are hot. That’s because real estate appraisals are in high demand for residential home sales, refinancing purposes and commercial property sales.

Oil and Gas Jobs

With the rising costs and of oil and gas, the increased demand for oil and gas worldwide and the soaring profits of oil and gas companies, it's a great time to look for oil and gas jobs. If you have a background in the geological sciences, geophysics, reservoir engineering, petrophysics, hydrology or facilities engineering, energy jobs may fit in well with your career goals.

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Retail Jobs

Retail jobs are easy to find. Most retail industry jobs do not require an advanced degree or specialized training, so if you do receive the proper training for retail careers, you are likely to go far.

Telecommunications Jobs

Telecommunication jobs are becoming increasingly plentiful. If you are looking for jobs in telecommunications, you will soon find yourself in a great career.

Commercial Real Estate Jobs

Commercial real estate careers involve buying, selling and leasing commercial properties. These properties include shopping malls, office parks, service stations and restaurants--the places people work in and visit every day.

Television Production Jobs

Jobs in television production are quite competitive and run the gamut from writer to stage manager to sound engineer and even to anchor. Although various boards list hundreds of media production jobs, obtaining a television production job depends on a combination of training, skill and, to a large measure, perseverance.

Publishing Jobs

Many people are interested in jobs in publishing because of the type of glamour that they convey. This makes it a highly competitive field and it can be difficult to find publishing jobs, especially if you don't live in a major city.

Modeling Agencies

The danger of falling prey to the illegal business practices of fraudulent modeling agencies is a real and valid threat. However, the dream of finding a legitimate modeling talent agency that can usher you to a ripe and lucrative career opportunity can also become a reality.

Hotel Jobs

Hospitality careers are ideal for those who enjoy meeting new people and taking care of customer needs. After all, when you have hotel employment, there is a steady stream of new customers coming in.

OneShift Job Search

OneShift is an online job network which matches employees with employers.
Jobs in Manchester (JiM) is the leading recruitment portal for the North West - read lots of great content and find your new career.

ProfectMarket is an online professional services marketplace that connects lawyers, engineers, and business professionals with new clients.
Chicago Hospital Jobs at Rush University Medical Center

Explore the culture, the care and the opportunities that make Rush a desired career destination in health care.
Dow Jones Jobs and Careers

At Dow Jones, we break stories, influence ideas, and advance business intelligence and cultural interest. Search career opportunities here.
Jobs and Careers at Corrections Corporation of America

At CCA, we design, build, own and operate prisons, jails, detention centers and residential re-entry centers for federal, state and local government.
Jobs and Careers at Crossmark

From corporate positions to in-store product demonstrations to product wall-sets, we are the way to your opportunity.
Jobs and Careers at Premium Waters

Premium Waters is always for looking for talented, loyal and motivated people to join our growing company. Explore our job listings and apply today.
Jobs and Careers at TD Ameritrade

At TD Ameritrade, we believe in teamwork, putting clients first, building strong relationships, achieving quality results and working with integrity.
Jobs and Careers at TE Connectivity

With nearly 90,000 employees in over 50 countries, TE Connectivity makes connections the world relies on to work flawlessly every day.
Jobs and Careers at Turner Broadcasting

Working at Turner Broadcasting means you'll have more than a great career, it means you've got a leg up on a great life.
Jobs and Careers in China at Disney

The Disney brand touches millions of hearts and minds around the world, and is expanding throughout China. Search and apply for a career here.


Social media and marketing has opened up new avenues for businesses looking to recruit star talent and for workers hoping to land the perfect job. Using all available sources to market a job opening will help you get your position in front of talented professionals; reaching better quality potential employees will make the interviewing and hiring process run smoothly.

Filling critical positions with top performers will help your company in the long run. Better employees in the right positions will boost morale and help everything run smoothly, regardless of your area of business. Seeking out the best potential employees for a position is a matter of recruiting in the right places and avoiding some potential pitfalls.



The job market has been turned upside down with the introduction of the Internet. This is especially apparent with how many job postings are now being put on Craigslist and similar classified ads Web sites. With this tool, a job recruiter can put up free postings to advertise the job that is available. This allows for a much larger amount of people to be able to see your ad, and will give you a much larger opportunity to get the job filled.

Poor Economy

Unemployment for the three months prior to May of 2011 was just under 8% of the active population involved in our economy. Although the economy is in a terrible position, job recruiters are being affected very little by the current state of the nation. This is because job recruiters still have a similar amount of jobs available for them to fill, but the demand for these jobs has heavily increased. This means less work and more productivity when filling the spots because you no longer have to hunt down people for the positions.


Another great resource to find people for your job recruitment is through the Web site Workers will set up their profiles and resumes to be easily searched by people looking to employ them. This is solid way to easily scan through dozens of profiles very quickly without having to spend time struggling to read handwritten documents. Since the organization is so well done, is quickly becoming an industry standard for job recruiters. Not only can you search through profiles, but as a recruiter you are able to set up one of your own for those looking for a job to search and see.


One last great resource to find people seeking jobs is It is very similar to as a job-related Web site, but instead of users posting their resumes and profiles, only job recruiters will post listings. This allows for the recruiter to set up an ad similar to craigslist and let those seeking the job come to them. You can do this on any number of similar Web sites that provide classified job ad listings.

The high unemployment rate means the number of people searching for jobs is high. While this gives a business the opportunity to choose from the best skilled workers available, there are also several potential pitfalls. Before beginning your recruitment, you need to prepare yourself and your recruiters for a potentially overwhelming response. You need to ensure you advertise your vacancies on the right employment networks and job boards, as well as ensuring your recruiters are trained to handle recruitment challenges. If you are unprepared and your recruitment is poor, there will be possible consequences.


High Training Costs

When there is a high unemployment rate people are much more likely to apply for jobs that are not suitable for or have no skills in. Poor recruitment could mean employing people who are not a good fit for your business needs. This in turn means more training is required as well as more supervision from management. This is taking time away from the development of your skilled workers.

Low Productivity

Skilled employees are eager to learn in their profession and are usually a productive asset to the business straight away. If your recruiters employ unskilled people, they will need time to get up to speed meaning they will be of no immediate advantage to the business.

Customer Satisfaction

Poor or ineffective recruitment has an effect on everyone, including your customers. Unskilled employees offer a less effective customer service. Their limited knowledge means poor decisions are likely, as well as an increase in errors. This could see a loyal customer look elsewhere for business, therefore affecting your bottom line.

Employee Morale

Your skilled employees are the backbone of your business and they are likely to feel resentful of management if they believe poor performers are being recruited. Skilled employees are will feel they are carrying the unskilled, while receiving the same or similar salary. This can lead to the loss of essential and important staff members, further affecting staff morale.



Filling available jobs with qualified candidates can be a daunting process. Putting an ad in the newspaper has long ceased to be the best method for finding good help. The following information will help you determine the costs of various methods of listing jobs and finding candidates. 




Sometimes the best way to find a highly qualified candidate is to hire a recruiter.  Recruiting fees range from 15% to 30% of the salary of the position you are hiring for, depending on the difficulty of finding a candidate. 




Applicant tracking software is another way to sort and find good candidates. Instead of a filing cabinet full of resumes, the software allows you to quickly search through hundreds of applications for the qualifications you need. For example, recruitment software like StaffingSoft Applicant Tracking System costs between $60 and $120 per user per month. 


Job Sites


Many job posting websites are free, but major job sites can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000 per post. Because these sites advertise through major media outlets, they attract more Web traffic.   


Finding good employees is easier than ever, thanks to lower employment rates and the assistance of resources like and Craigslist. More qualified applicants are available and competing for positions, so you have a better chance of securing a top employee and still maintaining a reasonable budget.

On the downside, just because there is a lot of competition doesn’t always mean you will be able to hire the best candidate for the job. Good applicants with great skills are always in demand and can command a higher salary. Looking for new applicants to fill in-house positions may also lead to some strife or unrest with existing staff, so it is important to approach the hiring process with care.





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