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Judgement Records Search

Protecting your business investment is important, so research court judgement records to avoid a hiring blunder. As a business owner, you want to trust the people you work with, but it can't always be done on a handshake and a promise.

Judgement Records Search Basics

A judgment records search will allow you to obtain information on the financial stability of another individual or business. A judgment is the result of litigation between two parties, which states the court's decision.

Judgment Records Search for Beginners

Court judgment records provide details of everything from bankruptcies to tax lien rulings, law suit settlements and more. Many employers perform a judgment records search on a business they may be partnering with, or individuals they wish to hire, to make sure that there are no outstanding liabilities.

Judgment Search - New Jersey Courts

Disclaimer. Certain records may not be available for public inspection in accordance with Federal and State statutes and the Rules Governing the Courts of the ...

Judgment Search - Minnesota Judicial Branch

There is no fee to view public records. Judgment Search Certificates may be requested by mail or in person at the District Court you are requesting a search be ...

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Online access to court records. - National Judgment Network

Many of the state courts now provide online access to court records. ... District of Columbia (free) - Search for court records by personal or business name.

Court Services - Judgements Online - Introduction - Justice Services

Sentenzi Online (Judgements Online) is one of the services that falls under the ... offers the facility to conduct advanced searches amongst judgements records.

Find and Verify Civil Judgment Records -

The term Civil judgment is used to refer to a final court verdict generally ordering one ... You can search for the records of the cases that had been and heard and ...

Maryland Judiciary Case Search

This website provides public access to the case records of the Maryland Judiciary . Access to these records is governed by Maryland Rules 16-1001 through ...

Records Search Department - 11th Judicial District - Queens County ...

Jun 11, 2013 ... Records Search Department ... please specify the type of Money Judgment/ Satisfaction for which you are requesting information. Example: ...


The Internet Civil Judgment Registry is a private company that publishes civil ... In order to search judgment records, many people pay a skip tracing firm to ...

Judgement Records - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Judgement Records ... Jump to: navigation, search ... Judgement Records is a record label, started by Joe Nicolo after Ruffhouse Records was dissolved.

Judgement Records Search Education and Training

Judgement records search education and training can benefit many professional organizations. You may run a law office that researches adverse parties to a case, or you may operate an employment recruitment office that performs routine background checks on potential new hires. In both cases, your work depends upon determining an individual's credit history. Teaching your employees how to perform a background check and search through judgment records will increase your office's productivity.

Start a training program dedicated to performing a free judgement search by explaining why the searches are important and what kinds of information they can provide. It's also useful for employees to know when it becomes necessary to pay for a more specialized report on public judgment records. As you plan your judgement records search education and training program, consider the following approach:

1. Have employees begin with background reading on searches for court judgement records.

2. Reimburse employees for any time they spend at seminars and training classes on public record judgements away from the office.

3. Direct your employees to sources that explain what kind of judgement searches the law allows.

Provide employees with online sources explaining basics on judgement records searches

Employees should understand what kind of information they should look for in these searches. They should also get training on how to read a lien and judgment records report.

Encourage employees to attend seminars and training classes that address judgement searches

These classes not only offer hands-on training, but they also inform attendees of additional online sources for working with court judgement records that may be difficult to find with common search engines.

Direct employees to understand the legal guidelines controlling judgement records searches

If they're going to perform judgment searches regularly, your employees will have to know what kind of debt the law allows them to search for and what kind of searches are considered "abusive" to debtors.
FDIC official papers and articles on the Expert Law website explain the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the legal restrictions on collection agencies and what happens if a debt collector oversteps the legal boundaries.
  • Even if you are an attorney rightfully seeking to collect money that is owed, the law restricts the conduct of your employees in performing civil judgement records searches.