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Information on mental health problems in the workplace, including stress and depression.

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Workplace Wellness | Mental Health America

For almost 20 years, stress-related issues in the workplace have been on the rise . What's ... the human as well as financial value of having a healthy workplace!

Mental Health Problems in the Workplace - Harvard Health ...

People with mental health issues may not seek treatment out of fear of losing their jobs, but their problems affect the workplace in lost productivity and possible  ...

Workplace Mental Health

DuPont Reflecting its core values, DuPont's history of concern for its workers across the globe began with one of the first corporate support programs, which ...

Why Workplace Mental Health Matters | Mental Health Works

Workplaces are heavily impacted by mental health issues according to the 2011 report, Building Mentally Healthy Workplaces: Perspectives of Canadian ...

Mental Health in the Workplace Employer Fundamentals 101 ...

From talking to your employees about mental health problems, to legal rights and ... will find resources to help them make their workplace more mentally healthy.

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Partnership for Workplace Mental Health - American Psychiatric ...

The Partnership for Workplace Mental Health, a program of the APF, works to create a healthy American workforce by providing employers with the tools, ...

The Silent Tsunami: Mental Health in the Workplace | Psychology ...

Sep 26, 2012 ... Mental health issues are a silent tsunami in the workplace, one that could engulf organizations in myriad of productivity and profitability ...

Work, stress and health - American Psychological Association

Traditionally, workplace health and safety measures haven't been well ... Any intervention to improve mental health in the workplace needs to combine three ...

mental health policies and programmes in the workplace

IN THE WORKPLACE. Mental Health Policy and. Service Guidance Package. World Health Organization. “The development and implementation of a workplace.

Screening for Mental Health :: Workplace Response Program

Millions of American workers are affected by mental health and substance abuse issues each year. How is this impacting your workplace? The majority of ...

Mental Health in the Workplace - Mental Health Association of East ...

Mental Health in the Workplace. Most people with a mental illness experience symptoms early, as teens or young adults. They then unnecessarily experience 10 ...

Mental health in the workplace - an overview - Beyondblue

A 'mentally healthy workplace' promotes and protects employee mental health and can have a positive impact on productivity and staff retention.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Depression in the workplace is a costly disease to employers and employees alike. But it can be difficult to identify, as a stigma still surrounds the disease. Employees may be afraid to seek out help due to deeply ingrained biases toward the mentally ill.

Identifying problems with workplace mental health can serve your employees in several ways. Employees can miss fewer days, and be more productive when they are at work. Identifying depression in the workplace can also help improve employees' overall health. By taking an active role in improving employees' mental health, your company can be more successful.

When evaluating mental health in the workplace, consider the following ideas:
  1. How is workplace morale? Do you have a culture that encourages wellness and stress management in the workplace?
  2. Do you have supports in place to promote mental health in the workplace?
  3. What is your overall impression of employee stress? Do you have someone on staff who can handle employees' concerns with confidentiality?

Encourage stress management in the workplace

Workplace mental health can be put on the back burner as employees may feel pressure to work long hours to fulfill their job requirements. By shining the spotlight on potential mental health problems, you will send a positive message to your employees-if they need the help, you can help them find it.

Promote health and wellness in the workplace to benefit employees

Stress in the workplace can snowball, leading to poor mental health and resulting physical problems. Depression can make a person more susceptible to illness and a risk for self-injury. Other possible mental health problems in the workplace include being a workaholic, substance abuse or eating disorders.
All Mental Health is a government-funded program through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), providing tool kits, posters and brochures to employers. The Mental Health in the Workplace website gives employers the tools to effectively manage mental health issues in the workplace.

Join the national conversation to reduce depression in the workplace

Health and wellness in the workplace should be a top priority for employers. But if no one is talking about it, the problem will remain unsolved. By helping to remove the stigma of workplace depression or workplace anxiety, employees will feel empowered to get help for their problems.
Workplace Blues is a website that discusses health care and business mental health. The Carter Center website addresses many aspects of anxiety and stress in the workplace.
  • Make sure that as a business owner you model mental wellness in the workplace, handling problems in a calm manner and treating employees with respect.

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