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Directory of pubilc record search sites offering access to public records online. Research public record information providers and find a public record database offering criminal background checks, driving reports, court records, and more.

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Public Records Basics

Knowing public records basics can help you find the vital information that you need. From tracking down a person who hasn't paid his or her bill, to keeping a predator out of your neighborhood, knowing who lives where and who has done what can be valuable knowledge.

Making the Most of Public Records

Making the most of public records can be as time consuming or as intensive as you choose to make it. One example of taking advantage taking advantage of a public record search is to find contact information on business that you are looking to purchase something from.

Public Records Key Terms

Public records keep track of many different aspects of an individual's or business' existence. While all the information is kept organized in one area, it can be potentially complicated to sift through such information and make the most of it.

Free Public Records | Search the Original Resource Worldwide

Welcome to Search Systems, your guide to Free Public Records. We've worked for 17 years to take the guesswork out of finding public record information online.

NETR Online • Public Records, Search Records, Property Tax ...

The Public Records Online Directory is a Portal to official state web sites, and those Tax Assessors' and Recorders' offices that have developed web sites for the ...

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Public Access Case Lookup - AZ.Gov

The Arizona Judicial Branch is pleased to offer Public Access to Court Case ... used as a substitute for a thorough background search of official public records.

Public records - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Public records are documents or pieces of information that are not considered confidential. For example, in California, when a couple fills out a marriage license  ...

Public Records Searches - State of California

Government Records Online Services. Seach public records for information.

Public Records - Clerk & Comptroller, Palm Beach County

Many of these public records may be viewed online through the links below. Additionally, the Clerk takes privacy issues very seriously and provides information ...

State of - State of Florida Public Records Guide

Welcome to the State of Florida Public Records Guide. Select by topic (A-Z) below to find a public record, or choose from one of our popular searches to get the ...

Public Records - Clark County Nevada

Clark County generates and maintains a vast assortment of records in various forms. Those wishing to access, review and obtain public records may do so by ...

Public Records

The Beginner's Guide to Public Records: What Can You Find? If you're like most people, you might not have even been aware your entire life that public records ...

BlumbergExcelsior: Public Record Search Services

We search state, county and local public records. We search and file UCC documents fast. Professional paid search service.
eVerify - Background Checks

Verify people online by conducting an instant online background check. Reports include Criminal Records, Addresses, Phone Numbers, etc.
Public Records Online

Search Public Records Online - Unlimited Subscriptions. Instant Background Check Reports include Criminal Records, Addresses, Phone Numbers & more
Records Project

Online community building the quintessential encyclopedia for US public records, eliminating barriers between people and their right to public info.

Conducting Public Records Research

Conducting research for public records used to be a tedious task filled with phone calls and trips to libraries, courthouses and other public agencies. Fortunately, these days you can find many records you may need – from background checks on employees to corporate filings – on the Internet with the click of a mouse. And sometimes you can obtain public records free of charge. Three ways researching public records can benefit a small business include:
  1. You can find criminal information on potential employees.
  2. You can find detailed corporate information on competitors.
  3. You can find judgments, liens and bankruptcy records when considering buying real estate or another business, conducting background checks, or when assessing deals with customers, clients or business associates.

Finding corporate and court records

Corporate records searches are a powerful tool. These documents may include anything from corporate filings information to bankruptcy records to business licenses.

Public background information on employees

Finding criminal background information on a potential employee is typically high on the list for any employer. This is normally included in a background check package, and there are countless places to find this information on the Web.

People and address searches

Are you looking for someone or want to know an address? It's probably best to start with a free search engine, which normally has a people locator feature.

Search private records

There are a number of records you may seek on a potential employee that are nonpublic. These private records include medical records, social security numbers, credit information and employment history.
  • Squeeze the most out of free sites before paying for information.
  • Beware: Public records (particularly free ones) on the Web may contain partial files.
  • Can the information you find be documented by more than one site? Check out a Web site's credibility by possibly calling its information line.
  • A good way to gauge the credibility of the site is to see who else has links to it, or read the "About Us" section.
  • The Web, and even the courthouse, may not be the most updated information available. There may be a lag time from when something is filed to when it actually is put into the system.

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