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Intuit Payroll: Payroll services to easily pay employees, file taxes

Join over 1 million small businesses using Intuit, the #1 payroll services company . Find the right payroll solution for you and try it free!

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Easily pay employees directly in QuickBooks with QuickBooks Payroll. Run payroll yourself or get expert assistance.

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Intuit Enhanced Payroll helps you pay employees and avoid penalties - online  ...

Simple payroll software to create paychecks - Intuit Basic Payroll

Create paychecks and calculate taxes with simple payroll software - online or ...

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Online Payroll Services from Intuit - The #1 Online Payroll Provider

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You must sign up for one of the QuickBooks Payroll services to automatically calculate payroll tax deductions and prepare tax forms. Intuit offers a variety of ... QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2014: Software

This item: QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2014 by Intuit, Inc. Windows 7 / Vista / 8 / XP $139.95. QuickBooks Pro 2014 by Intuit, Inc. Windows 7 / Vista / 8 / XP $189.96. QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2014: Software

Paychecks in 3 easy steps; Automatically calculates payroll taxes & deductions; Completes payroll tax forms for you, click to pay & e-file at no additional cost ...

QuickBooks Tutorial - Setting up Payroll in QuickBooks Pro 2011 ...

Nov 15, 2010 ... Get my free 2 hour QuickBooks Pro course with 17 videos to help you learn the essentials of QuickBooks Pro. Click here to get the free course: ...

How to Select a Quickbooks Payroll Vendor

Make each payment to your employees and payroll taxes quick, easy, and convenient with Quickbooks payroll software. With Quickbooks payroll service, your business can save time and stay organized by reducing paperwork. Quickbooks payroll is today’s top-rated small business payroll software because it offers the tools your business needs to maximize efficiency and profitability. It enables you to put your sales, expenses, and customer profiles right at your fingertips. Create invoices, track payments, and manage expenses with a few simple clicks. With features such as automatic calculations and electronic filing, Quickbooks payroll software provides everything you need from payday to tax day.

If you are done using spreadsheets, here are a few reasons why Quickbooks payroll options are better:

  1. It is easy to set up, learn, and use.
  2. It organizes your business finances all in one place, enabling you to quickly find what you need when you need it.
  3. It enables your business to keep reliable records for tax time.
  4. Depending on the Quickbooks payroll software, you can access data online from a PC, Mac, or mobile phone.

Quickbooks Payroll Features

Know how much money is going out of your business to your employees with Quickbooks payroll support. You can automatically calculate paychecks for 21 pay types, including salary, sick pay, and commissions. If you are a small business-owner, Quickbooks payroll provides the tools you need to remain reliable to your team. With email reminders and the ability to create instant paychecks, direct deposits, and printable checks, your employees will never have to worry about receiving payday late. With Quickbooks enhanced payroll, automatically calculate earnings, payroll taxes, and deductions in each paycheck. Make accounting easy with customizable reports anytime to see how the payroll affects your bottom line. Quickbooks online payroll has everything you need to pay employees accurately and on time.

Quickbooks Tax Features

Taxes can be daunting for every individual, especially business-owners, but Quickbooks assisted payroll makes tax time easier with complete and reliable records. Quickbooks payroll keeps your financial data throughout the entire year. This makes it convenient to find the information you need for the tax season. Whether you have a tax accountant, or a do-it-yourself attitude, everyone can spend less time completing paperwork with the tax features provided by Quickbooks payroll software. Get automatic federal and state tax calculations, email reminders for taxes and unemployment insurance, and automatic W-2 preparation for all your employees. You can also create reports on tax liability, wages, and pay. With the ability to file federal and state payroll tax forms online for no extra cost, your business will no longer have to dread the tax season.

Why is QuickBooks Payroll Support Better?

Unlike spreadsheets and other manual bookkeeping methods, Quickbooks payroll is easy for anyone to learn. Spreadsheets can result in costly errors if you’re not careful. Quickbooks payroll service organizes and calculates finances using built-in accounting formulas that are guaranteed to be accurate. It is also better than the pen-and-paper approach because it keeps all your financial information organized and accessible for different users across multiple locations.