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Employment Agencies and Recruitment Agencies

You're racing against the clock to get new products to market. You're handling sales calls and seeking out financing to fuel growth.

Executive Recruiting Services

The race for management brainpower has taken on a new urgency. As a generation of European and American executives prepare to retire, the math suggests that the baby-bust generation simply isn't ready to fill their shoes.


Outplacement services can help strengthen the relationship between your company and departing employees, by demonstrating your commitment to their long-term career success. Even if you've asked an employee to leave, you can show them you have faith in their skills, and want to ensure that they thrive long after they leave the organization.

Insurance Recruiters

Recruiting services for the insurance industry are an excellent resource for business owners who need to fill positions on short notice. Insurance recruiters often send you several qualified candidates to choose from.

Recruiting Services for Financial Services

Recruiting services for financial services provide valuable time-saving valuable recruitment tools for businesses big and small. One of the biggest challenges facing managers in any field is sorting through the stacks of resumes to find the right fit.

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Conflict Resolution Information Resources

While everyone hopes that they never have to use them, it's important to learn conflict resolution strategies so that you can effectively solve problems, both inside and outside of the office. Conflict resolution information resources help you to learn the things that you need to know to become effective at conflict resolution.

Assessing Employee Skills

Assessing employee skills can help you determine if your employees are in the roles best suited for them, and if any of them are ready to be promoted, or instead should be transferred to another department or position. Your employees will also benefit from an employee skill assessment, because they can use it as a learning tool to discover more about their strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Pricing and Costs of Employment Agencies

Finding the right employees for you business can be frustrating; but hiring agencies to find employees for you gives you more time to run your business. The pricing and costs of employment agencies are the first consideration when choosing the right job placement agency to meet your needs.

Working With Employment Agencies

Working with employment agencies is meant to save you time. But if you are not prepared to tell the recruiting agency what you want from its service, you could end up with the wrong type of employee.

Training for Human Resources Outsourcing

Human resources outsourcing professionals can find job opportunities when they come to HR outsourcing companies with the right credentials. While entry-level outsourced human resource jobs are readily available, the better paying jobs as small market HR outsourcing vendors require knowledge that only comes from training and experience.

Human Resources Outsourcing News and Trends

HR outsourcing companies continue to evolve as more business look to save resources by using outsourced human resources. While in-house options such as time and attendance systems, are valuable, often times small businesses can't handle the workload that comes with doing it within the company.

Making the Most of Recruitment Outsourcing

Most outsource recruiting organizations sell their products on the basis that they will save you time and money while finding you more qualified individuals than you would find yourself. While many times this is true, it's not a guarantee.

Charter Selection

London based recruiting company, specialising in HR, sales and accountancy recruitment.

Video Interviewing and online video interviews with the best video recruiting platform in the world, including our applicant tracking system.
Huddle Recruit

Huddle Recruit helps employers screen candidates, interview and recruit their next star hire using their online video recruiting platform.

Global provider of talent acquisition and management solutions. Offers recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), branding, technology & executive search.
AVID Technical Resources

Information Technology Contract and Permanent Staffing from both an Infrastructure and Applications Development perspective.
CV Screen IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment Agency which recruits throughout the UK. Fees of 12.5% of the basic salary.
Sales Recruitment

Aaron Wallis offers sales recruitment service in the UK including 12 months rebate, psychometric profiling & bespoke interview questions as standard.

Employee Recruitment Techniques

If you're doing everything from answering the phones to charting the future course of your business, chances are you could use some good employees. Recruiting the best employees helps you:
  1. Grow your business by having some employees devoted to single functions, like sales or technical support
  2. Save money. After all, efficient employees get more done in less time!
  3. Keep your customers happy by having a good employee always available to take care of their needs.

Recruit online

Taking your hunt for employees online will help you reach more people in less time, and is also great for attracting computer-savvy applicants.

Use ye olde fashioned classified ads

Many job searchers, especially for less technical positions, still read the classified want ads in their local newspapers and industry trade journals.

Go back to school

Universities and trade schools churn out skilled grads who are now looking for work.

Hire a temp

Hiring a temporary employee from a temp agency lets you get extra help only when you need it — and also lets you test out employees before hiring them full-time.

Be in good form

When you interview and hire an employee, you'll need a full arsenal of forms and checklists. And when you need to reject an applicant, you should send him or her a nice letter. Being rejected is no fun, so why not soften the blow? (Also, you never know if you'll want to contact the applicant again in the future, so it pays to be nice.)
  • Before paying to post an ad on a job site, check out the current job postings and resumes to make sure that the type of people you're looking to hire use the site.
  • Be creative. Fun, descriptive job ads pull a better response than dry ones.
  • Test out different job recruiting techniques to find the ones that work best for you. You may have more luck with online recruiting or with your newspaper classifieds. Why spend money when you don't have to?
  • Treat job applicants with respect. You wouldn't like to be left hanging, so don't do it to anyone else.

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