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Providers of corporate team building programs and workshops. Review listings to find team building programs to boost departmental teamwork with a team building activity or event.

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Team Building Basics

Understanding the basics of team building increases your ability to succeed. Team building involves a few basic structures for a firm foundation, and, as you progress, many details become apparent.

Training for Team Building

Team building within your organization is a dynamic process. New and exciting concepts continually develop to increase your success in corporate team building and business team building.

Team Building Key Terms

The phenomenon known as "team building" has been getting a lot of attention from businesses that profit from great communication, teamwork and cooperation within the corporate walls. Many different kinds of businesses can take advantage of team-building strategies to push greater productivity, higher morale and a greater sense of confidence and mission for their employees.

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Corporate Team Building and Event Planning Services. Scavenger Hunts, Leadership Management Retreats for Executives, Association Meetings, Charity and ...

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When team-building activities are done right, they can be valuable. ... and aim to make team building part of the daily corporate culture, instead of a once-a-year ...

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Fun & Effective Corporate Team Building Events

Team building through the power of play! TeamBonding corporate events & workshops offer memorable & engaging team building activities your company will ...

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... employees can't just be coworkers; they need to be teammates. Learn how TeamBonding's corporate team building events can get everyone working together.

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Jun 28, 2012 ... Team-building exercises allow management and staff to forget about deadlines and corporate structure and focus on socializing informally.

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Sep 25, 2014 ... Best practices so your office's team-building activity goes off without a hitch … and a lawsuit.

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Energizing corporate team building activities, ice breakers and events for large groups, custom tailored to accommodate your teams specific goals.

Team Building - Corporate Teambuilding - Leadership Training

Signature Teambuilding offers fun and effective team building activities to businesses both large and small. Unleash the greatness in your team today!

Executive Chef Cooking Events - Fun Corporate Team Building

Offering cooking challenges, classes, or parties for corporate team building events nationwide.

Small Business Team Building

Use of teams in business is widespread. In small business, the entire staff is one big team because work always seems to outweigh resources. Take advantage of this. If everyone in your business knows a little bit about what everyone else does, you've taken the first step to building teams. Formal teams can be organized in several ways:
  1. Product teams: Taking a cue from cellular manufacturing, these teams are organized around products or services.
  2. Short-term teams: Teams can also be project-oriented, with a definitive start and end date. These can be organized around the needs of customers or shorter-term business goals, such as a relocation or annual company picnic.
  3. Long-term teams: Businesses use these to keep momentum and continuous improvement alive in ongoing needs, such as safety and health, technology needs, etc.

Train your team

A seminar, workshop or retreat may be the quickest way to kick-start your teamwork program.

Make it fun

When implementing a team-building program, consider injecting a little fun into the mix. When employees are having a good time, it encourages interaction and fosters teamwork.

Use team-building exercises

Creating a team environment requires an ongoing commitment. Routinely engage your team in exercises that reinforce the team concept.

Take it outside

Getting your employees outside the office offers a great opportunity to strengthen your team concept.

Reward teamwork

If building a team around results - units produced, cost reductions, meeting deadlines - include a monetary reward tied to the results. Money is a great motivator. Offer bonuses, compensation or other rewards for a great team performance.

Use meetings to build teamwork

Include team-building elements in your meetings. Use a quick ice breaker to encourage workers to open up and interact, especially when bringing a new team together.

Add team building to your holiday parties

Your annual holiday party presents a tremendous opportunity to promote team building. Having all of your employees together in a relaxed environment is the ideal situation for reinforcing your team concept.
  • If your teams are organized around products, it's important for team members to be near one another. Some companies find that offices inhibit team development.
  • How many people should be on a team? Some people advocate five. Some say eight to 10. A rule of thumb: the smaller the better. If you find the work is too much, add more people to the team later.
  • Don't allow your teams to enter meeting-mania. Ask for a list of accomplishments or steps focusing on action at least once a month. Better - once a week.
  • Make sure roles are clear within teams. Appoint a team leader only if needed, such as in cases that require direct accountability (product liability, finances, etc.). Don't appoint leaders just to do so. Some teams function fine without them.

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