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Advisers and consultants specializing in workers' compensation.

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Workers Compensation Audit Consultant, we solve audit and ...

Workers Compensation Consultant,work comp audit reviews,return workers compensation premium overcharges to your business,work comp audit mistakes  ...

Hunter Consulting - Workers' Compensation Services

Full service claims administration TPA in the area of workers compensation, unemployment compensation, employee benefits, self insurance, state fund, group ...

Workers compensation consultant profiles | LinkedIn

Professionals with the job title Workers compensation consultant are on LinkedIn. You can view their full profiles and contact them directly.

Our Workers' Compensation Consultants | Adelson, Teston, Brundo ...

Find out about our consulting services with the dedicated workers' compensation consultants at the law offices of Adelson, Teston, Brundo, Novell and Jimenez.

Federal Workers Compensation Consultants: OWCP & Disability ...

advocates helping injured and sick federal employees with workers' compensation claims and assisting federal employees seeking disability retirement.

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Workers' Compensation - Keenan | California Insurance Brokerage ...

Keenan | California Insurance Brokerage & Consulting. Home Client ... Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance ... Workers' Compensation – Excess Insurance.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Management Consultants ...

While management consultants typically carry a low risk of on-the-job injury, the work you do ... Workers' Compensation Coverage for Management Consultants.

CareWorks Consultants: Ohio Workers' Compensation Risk Consulting

Through our unique Best Fit Program, CareWorks Consultants will determine which programs will provide the highest possible cost savings for you. How much  ...

J&L Risk Management Consultants

Workers' compensation consulting services, including premium audits, claim reserve reviews.

Workers Compensation Consulting - Commercial Insurance ...

WORKERS' COMPENSATION CONSULTING and SELF FUNDING, INC. Are you tired of riding the rollercoaster with your workers' compensation program?

Advance Insurance Management

Workers' compensation premium auditors and consultants. Describes the company and its services and includes a glossary and many articles and links.

Workers Compensation Audit Refunds Possible

Have you received a large Workers Compensation audit bill? Are there large file reserves or too many open files on your Workers Comp loss runs?

Structured Settlements

Accidents happen, and the workplace is no exception. Whether you're the injured party (the plaintiff) or the business owner (the defendant) in the lawsuit that follows, litigation is costly and stressful. Structured settlements — whereby an injury victim receives a series of tax-free payments via annuities to cover future expenses, rather than an immediate lump sum — are valid for personal injury cases, workers' compensation claims or wrongful deaths, and are designed to lessen the impact of related lawsuits.

Here's how structured settlements can benefit plaintiffs and defendants in injury cases:

  1. If you're injured, having a claim paid to you in periodic payments via a structured settlement, rather than in one large lump sum, saves you from paying taxes on your settlement and can help it last a lifetime.
  2. If you're named in a workers' compensation claim, a structured settlement can lessen your litigation costs and facilitate the removal of the claim from your corporate books.

Hire a settlement specialist

Specialist firms will advise your attorney on making the settlement or negotiate the payout of your settlement with financial institutions.

Sell your settlement, grow your business

If you need immediate cash to buy a business or a franchise or to grow your business, consider selling your structured settlement for a lump-sum buyout. Note that many states, however, forbid the sale of settlements to third-party buyers and the federal government restricts it where tax-free settlements are concerned, so be sure to consult your attorney before accepting an offer.

Turn your settlement into a retirement fund

Invest your periodic payments in a tax-free retirement account for the self-employed. This will allow you to take advantage of "dollar cost averaging," whereby you invest the same amount of money each month or quarter in order to lower per-share costs over time.
  • In addition to injury settlements, taxable recoveries and attorney fees also may be received as structured settlements.
  • Avoid settlements that cease payment upon your death; instead, insist on an annuity that provides a minimum number of payments or that will continue making payments to your estate in the event of your passing.
  • Consider negotiating your structured settlement through multiple insurance companies; dividing your settlement among several providers protects you in the event that one of them files for bankruptcy.

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