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Black Oxide Plating Education and Training

If you want to use black oxide plating (also called black oxide finishing or black oxide coating) to improve the expected useful life of industrial tools and machines, you must know the advantages and limitations of the black oxide plating process.   If you want to pursue a career in the plating industry, you must have enough knowledge about the black oxide plating process and relevant parameters affecting the quality of the black oxide finish coating.

Black Oxide Plating Applications and Uses

Black Oxide plating is used in several industries to coat metals. The process is used for a few specific types of applications including coating firearms, tools or other metals to make them more rust resistant.

Black oxide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Black oxide or blackening is a conversion coating for ferrous materials, stainless steel, copper and copper based alloys, zinc, powdered metals, and silver solder ...

Black Oxide Kits - Metal Finishing Solutions - Caswell Inc

Items 1 - 8 of 17 ... Do it yourself with plating kits from Caswell Inc. Selling chrome - nickel ... Immerse the part in the mixed Black Oxide Solution and swirl around for ...

Black Oxide Basics - SWD Inc.

SWD, Inc. Fastener Sorting Corp. providing Metal Finishing, Black Oxide, Dip ... Black oxide is a conversion coating formed by a chemical reaction produced ...

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Corrosion Protection – Depending on the post - Cleveland Black Oxide

Corrosion Protection – Depending on the post-treatment applied, black oxide coating can give corrosion resistance equivalent to 144 hrs of salt spray exposure.

Frequently Asked Question's - Cleveland Black Oxide

? No. Black Oxide is an integral formed surface of the metal that allows ...

Black Oxide Coating - Seminole Metal Finishing

The dwell time in the tank depends on the surface hardness, alloy and the prior heat treating of the part being plated. The Black Oxide itself does add some ...

Black Oxide Finishing, Phosphate Coating, Deburring - Allblack Co ...

The thickness of coating is almost negligible at about 0.000030 inch. Black Oxide coating has an ability to absorb a subsequent coating of oil or other corrosion ...

Do-It-Yourself Cold Blackening : Modern Machine Shop

The sealant (usually oil) finds its way into the pores of the black oxide coating where it is held in close contact with the metal substrate. It's the oil that prevents ...

Home Parkerizing Recipe - YouTube

Apr 1, 2013 ... In this video I show how to get a great black oxide finish on tool steel. I use this finish for knives and for gun parts. It is very durable and is like a ...

Black Oxide Plating on

Results 1 - 25 of 208 ... This industrial directory contains a broad range of Plating: Black Oxide companies serving all industries. This premier and trusted vertical ...

Black Oxide Plating

Black oxide plating has become a valuable resource for helping tools and machine parts last longer and operate more efficiently. Black oxide finishing can help you and your employees by reducing glare on hand tools, helping with eye fatigue. Parts treated with black oxide also run more smoothly because of the after-finish.

As a small business owner, you may opt to use black oxide kits to treat your metal tools and parts yourself. You could also enlist the help of black oxide providers to do the work for you. No matter which method you choose, there are many other advantages to black oxide coatings to keep in mind:

1. A black oxide finish provides a decorative touch.

2. Depending on the post treatment applied, black oxide coating can give parts corrosion resistance equivalent to 400 hours of salt spray exposure.

3. There are no fumes when welding parts with black oxide coatings.

Order black oxide kits if you are able to perform the service yourself

You can handle small jobs yourself by ordering the correct black oxide kit. Choose a company offering a variety of black oxide coatings, post treatment finishes and application forms with knowledgeable representatives to help you make the right decisions about your project.

Decide between hot or cold black oxide plating

Cold black solutions are typically more suitable for touch-up applications. Hot molten baths, operating at high temperatures, are difficult to control and they do not consistently produce a uniform color. Choose based on whether you will be doing it yourself and what type of finish you need.

Select black oxide plating businesses to make your job easier

If you have a bigger job, or if you do not have the space necessary to do it yourself, working with a provider of black oxide services can help your small business get the job done.
  • The cold black oxide finish process does not meet military or automotive specifications. Be sure you choose the process to meet your industry standards.

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