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Cardboard recycling is a must, regardless of the type of business that you own. Depending on the amount of cardboard that your business uses, you may want to invest in different types of cardboard-recycling equipment.

How to Recycle Cardboard -

When not wet or contaminated with food or oil, cardboard is recyclable. It is also naturally biodegradable, but it's always a good idea to put it in the recycling bin ...

Waste Management - Services - Recycling Services - Cardboard

We've Got Cardboard Recycling All Wrapped Up Earn dollars and rebates when you recycle Through WMs cardboard recycling programs, we offer several ...

Find Your Nearest Recycling Center - CalRecycle

Mar 5, 2012 ... Enter your ZIP code on this page to go to the Earth's 911 site and find your nearest recycling center. The California Department of Resources ...

Cardboard Recycling Locations in Dane County - Madison

Cardboard recycling locations in Dane County, Wisconsin. Provided by the Solid Waste and Recycling Division of the Dane County Government.

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Commercial Recycling | Paper Recycling | US EPA

focuses on the recycling of corrugated cardboard generated by commercial establishments.

Cardboard: City of Fort Collins

Cardboard Recycling in Fort Collins. On March 5, 2013, Fort Collins became the first community in Colorado requiring corrugated cardboard to be recycled or ...

Proper Cardboard Recycling Techniques - Green Living -

Recycling cardboard should be easy, but not all cardboard and paperboard can be recycled. Get the facts on how to recycle cardboard.

Recycling Cardboard - RecyclingWorks

Recycling cardboard Cardboard, also referred to as corrugated cardboard, is a readily recyclable material with well established local markets for processing and  ...

Paper and Cardboard | Rethink Recycling

Information on recycling all your office paper and reducing cardboard waste through reusable transport packaging as well as recycling options.

Cardboard Recycling - Waste Industries

Waste Industries collects all cardboard for recycling from commercial businesses across the United States. Get started on cardboard recycling here.

Corrugated Cardboard - Kitsap County Public Works - Solid Waste ...

Over 70% of all corrugated cardboard is recovered for recycling. Paper mills love this material - which recyclers call "old corrugated containers" or OCC. It keeps ...

Cardboard Recycling

Businesses can adopt environmentally friendly processes by cardboard recycling. Through the course of doing business, companies order products and supplies packed in cardboard boxes that generally end up in the landfill. However, if the boxes are recycled, businesses avoid costly dumping fees. In addition, paper companies save costs when cardboard pulp is reused rather than remanufactured.

Consumers cannot recycle some containers, such as wax-coated milk cartons. Carrier stock cartons, like beer or soda pop cartons, do not break down to individual fibers when recycled. Don't mix cereal boxes and other chipboard with cardboard since its recycling process is different.

Develop a recycling collection process that handles cardboard collection and delivery to the appropriate recycling facility. If there is no service in your city, initiate discussions with your city council for establishing one. If necessary and feasible, ship your recyclable containers outside the area for disposal.

To add a cardboard recycling function to your business:

1. Identify what cardboard can be recycled.

2. Develop an internal process for collecting cardboard.

3. Identify cardboard recycling facilities for disposal.

Find cardboard recycling information

When you think of cardboard, you generally think of corrugated containers. Such containers can be recycled. Other types of paper packaging cannot be recycled at all. Other types of recyclable paper packaging require a different recycling than corrugated containers.

Establish a cardboard recycling procedure for your company to follow

Establish procedures so that employees know what is expected of them in the cardboard recycling process. Design collection points so that they do not create a nuisance or an eyesore. Users need to remove all contents and flatten boxes before placing them in a recycling bin. If your volume warrants, purchase a baler to package your cardboard for disposal.

Choose the cardboard recycling service that best meets your needs and budget

Many cities and counties have recycling centers that process paper, newsprint, glass, cardboard, and aluminum. Some centers require that your business deliver the product to them, while others have a pickup service. Select the service that is right for you or help your city establish a facility if your city does not have one.
  • Benefits of cardboard recycling include saving landfill space, saving new timber from being cut, decreasing pollution in the paper milling process and saving money in disposal costs. Some recycling centers pay you for your recyclable cardboard.

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