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Manufacturers and distributors of casters and wheels for material handling.

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Casters and Wheels Basics

The standard kinds of wheels you see on furniture dollies or rolling cabinets and home or office appliances are not the only kinds of casters and wheels out on the market for businesses. Various industries use other heavy-duty industrial casters for specific industrial jobs, whether it's moving a lot of weight or dealing with caustic chemicals and possible HazMat situations.

Saving Money on Casters and Wheels

Caster manufacturers make industrial wheels, industrial casters as well as other types of casters and wheels for industrial settings where heavy materials and pallets need to be moved. Casters and wheels come in a variety of types to suit the needs of your business.

Casters and Wheels Key Terms

There are thousands of models of casters and wheels, so there is one that is well-suited for every purpose. Some models are best for moving furniture in an office.

Casters and Wheels - Material Handling - Grainger Industrial Supply

Grainger stocks hundreds of casters for office equipment, caster wheels in more than 30 materials, low-profile and shock-absorbing casters, and caster brake kits  ...

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Casters - Furniture Accessories - Cabinet & Furniture Hardware - Hardware ... Rubber Wheel Swivel Plate Caster ... Industrial Casters with Bumper (4-Pack).

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Results 1 - 16 of 28553 ... 12 Pack 2" Swivel Caster Wheels Rubber Base with Top Plate & Bearing ... Caster Classics® 2-inch Low Profile HD Rubber Wheel Plate ...

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Swivel casters and caster wheels at Harbor Freight Tools. Cheap prices on chair casters, heavy duty furniture casters and other swivel caster wheels.

Caster City - Caster Wheels

Replcement wheels in a variety of different sizes and materials. ... Here for Help! Caster City - Celebrating 35 years of selling Quality Casters and Caster Wheels!

Caster City - Contact Us for Casters and Caster Wheels

Give us a call...Caster City is a manufacturer and distributor of casters and wheels. We provide the finest casters and wheels at the lowest prices available.

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Visit eBay for great deals in Material Handling Casters and Wheels. Shop eBay!

Industrial Caster Wheels: Hamilton Caster

Industrial Wheels in a variety of materials, in capacities ranging from 200 lbs to 23000 lbs, for every conceivable industrial application.

Light Duty to Heavy Duty Casters, Wheels, Material Handling ...

Midwest Caster & Wheel, Inc., has a component inventory of caster rigs & wheels in excess of $1000000. This large inventory allows us the ability to ship all ...

Casters and Wheels

Everyone is familiar with common casters and wheels, like those attached to the bottoms of chairs, trays and suitcases. However, the industrial sector also uses casters to move heavy equipment. Industrial wheels have to stand up to high temperatures, debris and various liquids like oil or even chemicals. They are also much sturdier than domestic wheels since they take such heavy loads.

The two main types of industrial casters are rigid-base, which roll in one direction, and swivel-base, which turn to roll in multiple directions. The base and even the wheel can be made from brass, chrome, steel and other materials. There are also rubber casters as well as resin. Specialty wheel types fit specific applications.

Here are a few of the products available from industrial caster suppliers:

1. Phenolic resin casters and wheels, for especially heavy loads

2. Pneumatic wheels, which absorb shock and/or vibration

3. Flanged track wheels, used in combination with a track

Shop from quality caster manufacturers

A caster does not cost much, but when a caster breaks it can translate to dropped loads, injuries or equipment damage. Find industrial wheel suppliers that only carry the best casters and rollers and display their load ratings clearly.

Install your industrial casters

You may or may not get hardware or installation instructions with your caster purchase. However, installing casters properly is important, because even a sturdy caster will fail if not attached adequately. Use hardware that's appropriate to the load and install enough casters to prevent damage and platform breaks. Also, locate the casters in the best positions, especially if you're using a combination of swivel casters and rigid casters.

Maintain and replace industrial wheels

Whether you have rubber casters or phenolic resin casters, wheels wear down over time and bases can bend or break. Another thing to watch out for is loose or bent connection hardware. Take a look at your casters from time to time. Remove debris from them and, if applicable, lubricate them. If you find damage, replace the caster promptly.
  • V-shaped wheels are another type of caster that can ride on a track besides flanged casters; they fit into a grooved track.

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