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Advisers and consultants to the chemicals industry.

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Chemical Consultants

Whether developing new products, assessing chemical compounds or evaluating processes, chemical industry consulting firms offer businesses efficient, secure and cost-effective solutions for complex chemical challenges. Chemical consultants utilize data, analysis, forecasts, training and planning tools to evaluate materials and methods for process operations.

Chemical Consultants Education and Training

Chemical consultancy is a highly skilled, in-demand career field. Chemical consulting is used in a variety of industries including food, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.

Working with Chemical Consultants

If your company works with or utilizes chemicals in business operations, you will undoubtedly require the services of a chemical consulting company. To ensure a successful experience and guard against surprises, do a little homework pertaining to chemical specialists before scheduling chemical consulting services.

Chemical Consultants Inc

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Equipment - Chemical Consultants Incorporated

CHEMICAL CONSULTANTS, INC. offers a line of outstanding pressure ...

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Chemical Consultants Network - Home

An organization of chemical consultants, generally in NY, NJ, PA. Sponsored by the ACS and AIChE. Its membership may be searched by discipline.

Chemical Consultant - ACC&CE - Consulting Chemists and ...

Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers is a non-profit organization serving its chemical consultant members and prospective clients.

Chemical Consultants: Chemical Consulting Services and Supply ...

Accenture chemicals consulting services help chemical companies transform into high-performance ... Exploiting Big Bang Disruption in the Chemicals Industry.

Consulting for the Chemical Industry | IHS

IHS Chemical Consulting draws on more than 60 years of providing strategic planning, technology evaluation and process economic analysis to corporate and  ...

American Chemistry Council

Provides information on chemical industry issues, news articles, consumer issues, industry statistics and conferences.

Chemical Consultants Key Terms

Chemical consultants are an important part of the chemical industry. Consultants provide support for companies that have chemicals needing testing and evaluation. Consultant services cover a wide range that includes chemical testing, evaluation of current technologies and business analysis. Consulting services help to keep a company's edge over the competition. Most chemical consultants have years of experience working in the chemical industry and know what it takes to create a better product.

Project feasibility study

A project feasibility study is a study conducted to see if a project will be successful. The study looks at production, marketing and sales forecasting to determine whether the completed project will be feasible for the company.


Benchmarking is a system of analysis that consultants use to evaluate a company's standing and aids in their efforts to improve operations.

Specialty chemicals

Chemical consultants are often called in to work with specialty and fine chemicals. These chemicals have specific properties that a company may want to use in consumer products. Consultants are called in to perform market analysis and other testing for these chemicals.

Chemical Consultants Network

The Chemical Consultants Network provides information on the chemical industry. It also provides education and networking opportunities for its members.

Chemical testing

Chemical testing is one of the primary services of a chemical consultant. Many consultants will provide testing services to determine if a chemical is safe for the proposed applications. Chemical testing can also find any flaws to correct in the product before it is manufactured.

Technology evaluation

Technology evaluation is a service provided by chemical consultants that looks at the cost, process and innovation of a company's technology to determine if it is the best solution. Technology evaluation can also refer to the implementation of new technologies on a trial basis.