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Working with Chemical Distributors and Wholesalers

Chemical distributors and wholesalers can make your workplace safer and more efficient. Laboratories, manufacturing facilities and even housekeeping companies need to be assured that they are being provided with the correct chemicals and that they have the proper knowledge to use them in the correct way.

Chemical Distributors and Wholesalers Education and Training

Chemical distributors and wholesalers require comprehensive knowledge of the numerous aspects of the chemical industry, from health regulations, to safety precautions, to proper transportation techniques. All of these areas and more can be covered by education and training programs targeted specifically for those who work in the chemical distribution and chemical wholesale industries.

Chemical Distributors and Wholesalers Key Terms

Chemical distributors and wholesalers key terms revolve in large part around safety and management of transportation of the goods. Proper distribution can only be accomplished by safety and effective transportation of the materials, and this can happen only if you and your staff are properly trained and educated as to the words, phrases and acronyms in the field.

National Association of Chemical Distributors - NACD

An international association of chemical distributor companies that purchase and take title of chemical products from manufacturers.

Chemical Distributors, Inc. - Your Distributor

May 19, 2013 ... Framing for the home page of Chemical Distributors, Inc.

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EMCO Chemical Distributors, Inc.

EMCO Chemical Distributors, Inc. is the standard of excellence in chemical distribution, manufacturing and packaging. » Our Commitments to You » Our ...

Chemical Distributors, Inc.: CDI -

CHEMICAL DISTRIBUTORS, INC. P.O. Box 10763 ... All Rights Reserved. Both “ Responsible Distribution Process” and “Coatings Care” are registered trademarks.

Top 100 Chemical Distributors: listing -

18 July 2011 00:00 Source:ICIS Chemical Business. Correction: In the article headlined "Top 100 Chemical Distributors: listing," please read, in the entry on ...

Download the Top 100 Chemical Distributors |

The ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors list provides you with the world's leading chemical distributors, that form the critical link in the supply chain, ranked by ...

The ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors 2013 -

The ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors 2013 list provides you with the world's leading chemical distributors, that form the critical link in the supply chain, ranked  ...

Chemical Distributors Directory

World chemical distributor directory. Data on chemical distributors in USA, Europe and the Far East. Your guide to the global chemical distribution industry.

Chemical Distribution Network

Chemical Distribution Network Alliance Organization. $1.2 Billion in combined revenues. 1.8 Billion lbs of combined chemical purchases. 22 Independently ...

Chemical Distributors and Wholesalers

Chemical dealers play an important role in any company that relies on chemicals to do business. If your company uses chemicals, either routinely or on a more occasional basis, you need to find a reliable chemical manufacturer or chemical distributor to meet your supply needs.

Chemical products are sold by a wide range of distributors and wholesalers, giving your business many choices when it comes to finding just the right acids, solvents and other supplies. When evaluating your chemical distributor, keep safety in mind. Ensure you're working with a distributor that has a good safety record.

Follow these steps to make sure your company has chemical supplies on hand at all times:

1. Build a relationship with chemical distributors who have the chemicals you need for your business.

2. Purchase wholesale chemicals if you regularly go though a high volume of supplies.

3. Make sure your company, your employees and your chemical distributors are meeting the necessary safety standards.

Find chemical distributors to supply your company

You can find chemical distributors that specialize in niche markets, as well as suppliers who offer everything but the kitchen sink. You'll have to decide based on your business needs which type of distributor is best.

Explore chemical wholesalers to make sure you have plenty of stock

Bulk chemical suppliers can deliver the large quantities you need to satisfy the requirements of a busy operation. Businesses that work through their chemical stockpile quickly should turn to reputable chemical wholesalers for a steady supply of their required chemicals.

Try custom chemical blending and packaging from chemicals dealers

Custom chemical blending and packaging can save your business time and money.
  • Consider joining a industry group for businesses like yours that rely on chemicals. You can share ideas with other professionals and find out who they turn to for their chemicals supplies.