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Electric Utility Billing

Electric billing system in need of an upgrade? Data communication technology plays a significant role in the operation of a utility system, and the benefits of new technology can extend to a billing system as well. Utilities looking for innovative business solutions need look no further than new digital technologies, including software capabilities.

Electric Utility Billing for Beginners

An electricity billing system and its corresponding software is a great way to keep tabs on the energy your business is using on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. By having hard data in front of you, decisions can be made on where your company can improve its electric and other utility usage to minimize costs and maximize profits.

Electric Utility Billing Key Terms

As a business owner, you are always watching your bottom line. Finding ways to cut costs may cause you to take a second look at your electric utility bill.

Electric Utility Billing | City of Winter Park

Electric Underground Map · Electric Utility Billing · Electric Rates · Emergency Utility Assistance Program · Energy Conservation Rebates and Incentive Program ...

Redding Electric Utility - REU

Enter Utility Billing Account Number. If you are looking at the account number on your utility bill, please enter your account number up to the dash only.

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Understanding Electric Utility Billing - OSU Fact Sheets - Oklahoma ...

ply search for your electricity provider and look for “rates,”. Understanding. Electric Utility Billing. “schedule” or “tariff.” You can also call or write your utility and.

Electric City Utilities - City of Anderson

Customer Service; Meter Reading; Billing and Collections ... Online Bill Pay; Mail remitted to Electric City Utilities, City of Anderson, PO Box 63061, Charlotte, NC ...

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Electric Utility Billing and Customer Information Systems. Billing and CIS Software and Services for Regulated and Deregulated Utilities: Global Market Analysis ...

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Electric Rules, Rates & Statistics; Energy Conservation. Conservation ... Public Utilities Plaza ... You may also pay your Utilities bill by credit card over the phone.

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A guide to understanding your PPL Electric Utilities bill.

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OCALA UTILITY SERVICES – NEW UTILITY BILLING SYSTEM. Effective October 1, 2013, the City of Ocala Utility Services transitioned to a new software system ...

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Electric Utility Bill. • Taking steps to conserve energy at home can help. Conserving energy helps reduce your utility bills and lessen the impact of rate increases.

Electric Utility Billing Laws and Regulations

With increased changes to state energy legislation, it’s important for you to stay abreast of electric utility billing laws and regulations. Many states now require that utility billing companies include additional information on services covered, details that can often be confusing for the average customer.

The goal of amending the electricity billing system was to reduce costs for electricity customers by giving them a choice of power providers while still having access to safe and reliable electric services. To learn more about electric utility billing laws and regulations, you should:

1. Find out more about state electric billing system restructuring laws.

2. Learn how electric utility billing amendments affect you.

3. Obtain information on electricity billing software.

Access more information about your electric utility billing state laws

As a result of new electric billing system laws, billing companies for utilities were forced to provide customers with more detailed electricity billing information. Electricity bills include information on the customer's competitive power supplier, distribution provider and kilowatts used per hour. The competitive supplier is the company that sells the electricity delivered to your place of business. The distribution company is the local electricity provider responsible for reading meters, restoring power lines and maintaining power lines. Electric billing software calculates monthly bills by multiplying the hours of electricity used by one kilowatt-hour. One kilowatt-hour equals 1,000 watts of electricity used in an hour.

Obtain competitive pricing due to restructuring electric utility billing system

In the 1990s, nearly all states across the country adopted electric billing system restructuring legislation which changed the electric billing requirements. The new electricity billing regulations allowed for more competition in the electricity industry and disassembled monopolies. The idea behind this move was with more choices for utility services, electricity billing companies would be encouraged to offer more competitive pricing options.
Energy Information Administration to read more about state regulation of electric utility billing systems. You may also read more about state electric utility billing laws and regulations by checking out Mountain View Electric Association.

Learn about the effectiveness of electricity billing software

Electricity billing software allows utility billing companies to automate customer payments, adjustments and other charges. An automatic electric billing system should address every aspect of the utility billing process including accurate customer billing and reporting, meter read documentation storage and reporting and service orders. Users should also be able to modify controls for utility billing software to ensure compliance with changing state and federal energy regulations. Ultimately, utility billing software should be a user-friendly and scalable system that simplifies electric utility billing tasks.
  • There are several things that customers can do to decrease their electricity billing amounts. This includes fine tuning heating and cooling equipment, purchasing and using a programmable thermostat and purchase energy-efficient products.