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Testing Labs and Services

For those new to it, testing -- such as commercial performance testing for a new product -- can be daunting. There are so many ways to test something… How can you know what to test, how to test it and when you're done? As with most daunting projects, the key to sanity is to break it down into manageable tasks: Find local labs.

Battery Recycling

Battery recycling for business is becoming necessary as today's fast-moving world generates more and more waste. Old computers and electronics are moved from the floor to the trash bin every day.

Electric Utility Billing

Electric billing system in need of an upgrade? Data communication technology plays a significant role in the operation of a utility system, and the benefits of new technology can extend to a billing system as well. Utilities looking for innovative business solutions need look no further than new digital technologies, including software capabilities.

Recycling Containers and Packaging

Recycling containers are a necessity in today's world. We must save our resources so they may be used another day.

Asbestos Abatement and Removal

Asbestos removal is essential for any office or work area that contains products made from this hazardous material. Asbestos exposure might lead to diseases such as Mesothelioma, a type of cancer, or Asbestosis, a severe respiratory condition.

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Oil and Gas Refining

The oil and gas refining industry has been a powerful force not only for the U. S.

Drilling Fluids

Drilling fluid, also known as drilling mud, has multiple purposes in the drilling borehole including lubricating and cooling the bit, removing cuttings, minimizing formation damage and controlling formation pressure along with many others. The precise formulation of the mud or slurry in oil drilling fluids allows deeper drilling in formations once unreachable.

Nickel-based Batteries

Nearly every American owns at least one nickel-based battery. They can be anything from your mobile phone to the battery-powered drill in the garage.

Environmental Risk Assessment Consultants

Environmental risk assessment consultants play a necessary role in land exchanges, consolidations and in smaller projects like opening a restaurant. If you deal in real estate, however, at some time or other an agency may want to know your relationship with the environment.

Energy Conservation Organizations

If you are a group a professional, practitioner or individual in pursuit of responsible energy use, you would do well to partner with energy saving organizations. Members of such organizations include industries, governments and individuals with similar goals and challenges.

Electric Utility Transmission

Electric power transmission is vital to all businesses, though some may consider the transmission and distribution of electricity a monopoly. Since electricity cannot be stored cheaply, it's a power source that companies need to produce instantaneously upon demand.

Biofuels Basics

One of the major benefits of biofuels is that they are renewable and sustainable. Biofuel companies are becoming more common as we work to free ourselves from petroleum.

Ohio Gas Companies

We provide valuable information on the natural gas suppliers in Ohio, including some background on each company and natural gas prices.
Logan Simpson Design

Logan Simpson Design provides landscape architecture and environmental planning services that care for the natural environment and reinvent the built.
Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.

Manufacturer of RTU/IED protocol test equipment (ASE2000) for the SCADA industry and the development of communication protocol translators (SPT4-NET) and front-end processors (RCOM).
BCCK Engineering

BCCK is an international natural gas engineering company specializing in nitrogen rejection, NGL recovery, CO2 removal & helium recovery.
Dandy Products

Sediment control problems? Dandy Products is a leading provider of inlet protection, storm water management & sediment control solutions.
Institute for Environmental Assessment

At the Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc., we offer consulting services related to indoor air quality, asbestos and health and safety.
Make It Cheaper

Make It Cheaper offers a saving solution for a business or consumers electricity, gas, fixed line, broadband and mobile phone bills.

Environmental Management Business Guide: How your Business is Impacting the Environment

Environmental management is an important part of managing a business enterprise with social responsibility. The environmental challenges posed by global warming and climate change have compelled business organizations to rethink their approach towards the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. The average consumers are increasingly conscious about the environmental impact of the products and services they consume. A business may stand to lose its market share if its manufacturing approach or its end products and services are detrimental to the environment.

Many business organizations are viewing the increased environmental consciousness as an opportunity to create a strong green appeal to the consumers. Businesses that follow good environmental practices and take specific steps to make a positive contribution to a sustainable planet are preferred by the consumers. However, challenges remain for a large number of businesses to reduce their environmental impact without compromising their business sustenance and profitability. Adoption of innovative green technologies can help to reconcile the conflict between business profitability and environmental preservation.


Conserving Precious Natural Resources

One of the key goals of environmental management for a business organization is to identify areas where renewable or green substitutes can be found to replace non-renewable natural resources. Businesses that restrict the use of wood, paper, plastic, leather and other such materials that may have an adverse environmental impact can improve their reputation as a socially responsible business organization.

Efficient Waste Management

Businesses that find innovative ways to recycle waste products and minimizing non-recyclable waste can make a significant contribution to the environment. Using recycled paper, packaging and other materials can help to reduce the costs of business, while making a positive environmental impact at the same time. Efficient waste management systems are an important part of overall environmental management in a business organization.

Energy Conservation

Business organizations can opt for green building technologies for any new construction of a corporate building, store, warehouse or workshop. Even the existing building infrastructure can be modified to include efficient energy systems. Adoption of green energy sources such as solar panels can help to reduce the total energy costs of the organization substantially, while enhancing the image of the company as a green business.

Entering into Green Businesses

A report released by the U.S. Council of Economic Advisors states that the American economy will be driven in the next five to ten years by emerging businesses, including green businesses. Green businesses may be the next major business opportunity all over the world. A number of large and medium business corporations are already seizing the initiative and developing innovative green technologies and products.


Lack of Expertise

Environmental management is still an emerging field, and many business organizations lack in knowledge and understanding about how they can reduce their environmental impact. Expertise in environmental technologies is limited, and it is not feasible for most companies to hire experienced environmental professionals to help improve the business systems and methods with respect to the environment.

Prohibitive Investments

Many large companies are deterred by the high costs of installing environmental management systems in their organization. For instance, the installation of solar panels to power a building can cost very high, while the energy savings will come in a trickle over a number of years. A majority of businesses are still unprepared to accept the environmental economics and its long-term benefits.

Competitive Compulsions

In highly competitive industries, a business organization cannot afford to opt for effective environmental management at the cost of increasing the prices of its end-products. It will be compelled to follow the behavior of the competitors and maintain price competencies in order to survive in the market. Many customers may be reluctant to pay extra for an environmentally beneficial product when they are operating on a tight household budget.

Lack of Institutional Support

The tax incentives, awards and recognitions for environmentally conscious business organizations are not able to cover the costs of green business adequately. Governments that are battling their own debt crises may not be in a position to incentivize green businesses to the desired level. This reduces the motivation of a business organization to consider green business alternatives.


The cost of environmental management systems continues to be quite high because there is still not a widespread demand for such costly systems among business organizations. However, innovative waste and pollution management, energy conservation, water harvesting and recycling methods can be implemented on a smaller scale at an affordable cost. This can also help the organization to project itself as a socially responsible enterprise and win the trust of the consumers.

Environmental management continues to evolve rapidly with the introduction of new technologies and systems that are eventually going to be affordable for most businesses. Early adopters of smart green technologies can enjoy a distinct competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. Consumers are increasingly supportive of businesses that are willing to reduce their environmental impact with innovative measures. Socially and environmentally responsible organizations are bound to achieve an edge in global business leadership in the times to come.