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Manufacturers and distributors of extrusion dies.

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An extrusion die is an important component of an extrusion machine that decides the quality of the extruded products. Before selecting an extrusion die, you must identify your application requirements, such as the material to be extruded or the required production rate.

Extrusion Dies Pricing and Costs

Extrusion dies pricing and costs include the cost of the raw material, the manufacturing process and additional treatments of the product. The primary advantages of this manufacturing process are the ability to create a product with any desired cross section and the ability to use brittle materials.

Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries

Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries designs and builds flat extrusion dies, coextrusion feedblock, and slot die coating heads for plastic processors and web  ...

Contact - Chippewa Falls - Extrusion Dies Inc.

Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries has production facilities and qualified sales representatives accross the world. Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries is proud to  ...

Careers | Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries - Chippewa Falls

You'll be proud to be a part of a team that is world leader in the die industry. Our most ... Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries full-time employees enjoy competitive  ...

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Extrusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[edit]. The design of an extrusion profile has a large impact on how readily it can be extruded. The maximum size for an extrusion is ...

Elite Extrusion Die: Extrusion Dies Manufacturer for Aluminium

Aluminium Extrusion Dies. Elite Extrusion Die Ltd, UK design & manufacture Extrusion Dies for the aluminium extrusion industry. ISO9001 Registered. Est: 1986.

Aluminum Extrusion Dies (Extec) - YouTube

Feb 2, 2011 ... Extec was shaped from a desire to lead the aluminum extrusion industry. ... manufacturing, without exception, the highest quality extrusion dies.

Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC | LinkedIn

Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC is a global supplier of tooling for the plastics processing industry. Our customers use our tooling to produce a wide range ...

Design of Extrusion Dies - Kostic - Northern Illinois University

pipe and tubing dies; 4) profile extrusion dies; and 5) co-extrusion dies. Furthermore, each product type has unique hardware downstream of the die to shape ...

Premier Coating Division: Slot Coating Die & Plastic Extrusion Die ...

Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries - Premier Coating Division is a leading designer and manufacturer of slot coating and flat polymer extrusion dies - providing ...

Midsouth Extrusion Die: Aluminum Extrusion Die Manufacturer.

After more than twenty years in the extrusion die business, our founder Wayne Cockburn decided it was time to start his own business. Mid-South Extrusion Die  ...

Extrusion Dies

Extrusion dies are used to precisely manufacture products. It is important to find extrusion die manufacturers and extrusion die suppliers that can adhere to your design specifications. Deviations in extrusion die design manufacture can result in product safety issues.

Consider how you want your extrusion die to look after it is produced. Will it be packaged directly for the consumer market? How many iterations of prototype will you get for your quoted price? Other questions to ask your potential extrusion die maker are:

1. Can you specify packaging processes or materials for your custom extrusion and will you also custom design a box?

2. What is the lead time on custom extruder dies? You'll need to know the time frame and manufacturers who have less lead time may be more attractive to you.

3. Are your extrusion dies tooled in-house? In-House tooling is important because the manufacturer is not outsourcing the work to someone else and will have control over the quality.

Educate yourself on aluminum extrusion dies and tolerances

Tolerance is deviation from design dimensions. Billet temperature, extrusion speed, die shape and type, amount of post-stretch, and air temperature are factors that can affect aluminum extrusion die tolerance. These tolerances can impact the design of the product.

Ask to see piece parts from your extrusion die maker

You will want to monitor your extrusion die manufacturers' work and the best way to do this is to ask for a piece part review. This will allow you to spot a manufacturing flaw immediately. Precision in extruder die manufacturing is imperative.

Consider extrusion die design software

A die design software package can save you money. Advanced software capabilities can reduce setup time and shorten tooling time. Most design software programs were built to integrate with Computer Automated Design (CAD) systems, which has been the industry standard for years.

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Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

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306,241 Subscribers