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Manufacturers and distributors of fertilizers, including chemical fertilizer components.

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Farming Fertilizer News and Trends

Farming fertilizer is an ever-changing industry, especially with more organic companies jumping into the fray. It's vital to find some medium to get up-to-date information, as investing in the wrong fertilizer or having the incorrect storage units could end up costing thousands of dollars in the long run.

Supplies for Farming Fertilizer

No matter if you choose to use organic fertilizer, purchase inorganic and commercially-made fertilizer, or even if you want to make your own, it's imperative to secure the correct supplies. From spreading to storage, finding the ideal location for the fertilizer for farming is essential.

Farming Fertilizer Key Terms

Farming fertilizers are expensive. And with today’s emphasis on green farming practices it’s even more important that you not waste any nutrients through over-fertilizing.

Nutrient Management and Fertilizer | Agriculture | US EPA

Most fertilizers that are commonly used in agriculture contain the three basic plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Some fertilizers also contain ...

Source Water Protection Practices Bulletin - Environmental ...

runoff for other prevention measures that relate to agriculture. 1 - Fertilizer tractor. Fertilizer application is required to replace crop land nutrients that have.

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Fertilizer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The main "organic fertilizers" are, in ranked order, peat, animal wastes, plant wastes from agriculture, and sewage sludge. In terms of volume, peat is the most  ...

How Organic Farming Prevents the Use of Fertilizers - Mercola

Jul 2, 2013 ... Organic farming uses natural techniques that prevent soil depletion and destruction and don't use chemical fertilizers.

Welcome to FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company

Producers of microbrewed fertilizers and hand crafted soil mixes.

USDA Economic Research Service-Fertilizer Use and Price

Jul 12, 2013 ... Additional data include fertilizer farm prices and indices of wholesale fertilizer price. Fertilizer price data are through 2013. Fertilizer price data ...

Agricultural Fertilizers: Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus

apply a fertilizer to the soil to keep cultivated plants healthy. As they grow, plants extract nutrients they need from the soil. Unless these nutrients are replenished, ...

Phosphorus Fertilizers for Organic Farming Systems

Phosphorus Fertilizers for Organic Farming Systems. by A.L. Elliott, J.G. Davis, R.M. Waskom, J.R. Self and D.K. Christensen1 (10/09) ...

Fertilizers, Crops |

Fertilizers. Fertilizer news and updates. Find articles on fertilizer application, management, equipment, pricing, new products, the fertilizer marketplace and more.

Farming Fertilizer

Since man began farming, agricultural fertilizer has been an important tool. Without farm fertilizers the land becomes non-productive. While agriculture fertilizer is important, modern farmers have to make sure they use environmentally-friendly crop fertilizer. More and more fertilizer companies realize that need, and many are expanding into organic fertilizer production.

While you may look for local fertilizer companies to supply your needs, you may also want to broaden your scope of fertilizer manufacturers to at least a state or regional level. New farming fertilizers are coming onto to the market, so you want to be knowledgeable about any changes that may affect your bottom line. Additionally, farming fertilizer prices may be lower elsewhere and even with higher shipping costs, you may see enough savings for the extra expense to be worth the effort.

Generally speaking, fertilizer companies offer crop fertilizer in three forms:

1. Dry agriculture fertilizer

2. Liquid farm fertilizer

3. Organic or natural farming fertilizer

Find fertilizer companies that provide dry fertilizer

Use dry fertilizer as both grass and aerated soil fertilizer. Apply the fertilizer in its dry form with a broadcast spreader. You can spread dry fertilizer during the winter months if you wish while the land lies fallow.

Locate agriculture fertilizer in liquid form

Liquid fertilizer is a bit trickier to deal with than dry fertilizer, but with the proper tools it can be an effective way to fertilize your farm. Liquid fertilizer requires special equipment to "knife," or bury it into the ground. It's a good way to make use of animal waste material such as liquid manure.

Seek out fertilizer companies that emphasize "green" technologies

Organic farming is big business, and fertilizer companies realize their customers want organic fertilizers for their farmland. Even if a farmer isn't planting organic crops, he's still a good steward of the environment and wants to plant and fertilize "green" as much as possible.
  • For many years farmers thought they had to apply their farm fertilizer in the spring, either just prior to planting or as they planted the crops. Scientists are now finding that's not necessarily the best practice. Farmers can apply fertilizer any time after harvest. By fertilizing in the off-season, a farmer can save money on his crop fertilizer by taking advantages of seasonal discounts.

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