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Surge Protectors and Surge Suppressors

There is nothing like the abrupt meltdown of a company's computer system to bring out the raging maniac in all of us. But before you take out your maniacal rage on the computer manufacturer, check to see if your system is connected to a surge protector.

Work Benches

Work benches are vital to the needs of many industries in today's business world. The applications and choices seem endless - from the affordable and popular BenchPro to the superior Arlink Modular Work benches - these aren't your Grandpa's work benches! Do you need industrial, heavy duty workbenches with steel, plastic or shop tops? Or maybe basic work benches, deluxe models or work-bench accessories (legs, back or end stops, risers, drawers, shelves, etc.

Industrial Fasteners

Industrial fasteners are the little items that help keep machinery, equipment, parts and more secured and working properly. Industrial fasteners include items like screws, nuts, bolts and specialty fasteners — all of which are designed to keep specific types of industrial materials firmly in place.

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machinery makes precise cuts to metal, wood and plastic products. There are several models of laser cutting equipment to meet the demands of your industry.

Industrial Magnets

From time to time, your business may go looking for ways to subvert that pervasive natural law we call gravity. As a result, manufacturers have kept evolving new types of industrial magnets to help get the job done.

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Concrete and Cement Finishing

In building, remodeling and home design, concrete and cement finishing can bring surprising pizazz and energy to the overall look, both inside and outside. Cement finishing has come a long way over the years and evolved into a design element all its own.

Toggle Switches

Electric toggle switches come in an almost endless variety for almost endless uses. Wall toggle switches operate lighting and outlets in virtually every home, business and industrial site.

Industrial Painting and Coating Products

As a business owner, you have valuable indoor and outdoor equipment to protect. Industrial equipment that is exposed to the elements can become pitted and rust, then weaken.

Non Skid Safety Tape

Safety tape is a great tool for increasing safety and reducing liability in any industrial environment. Designed to mitigate slippery surfaces, non-skid tape is essential in workplaces prone to moisture or spills.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam can help protect your products during shipping and handling, which is crucial to securing the integrity of your product. And choosing efficient and cost-effective materials for shipping is important to your bottom line.

Marine Batteries

If you run a charter service or other boating business, batteries are usually the only source of electricity available once you leave the dock. In general terms, batteries used to start the boat are "regular" batteries; the same ones used to start cars every day.

Gas Detectors

There is often a need for gas detection in both homes and in businesses. Professionals working in such industries as refrigeration, car repair and manufacturing, oil refining and firefighting can find themselves in situations that require the use of gas sniffers.

CNPC (Shanghai) BSW PetroPipe Co.

BSW is a steel pipe manufacturer & supplier organized by CNPC and UMW of Malaysia; the only subsidiary of "CNPC Equipment" in Shanghai.
WIKA - Pressure Gauges and Temperature Measurement

Our quality products include pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, thermowells and other measuring devices.
Light Towers

Allight is a trusted brand in lighting towers the world over also providing power, water and air management solutions for mines & construction sites.

Dolly Casters and Wheels

Dolly wheel casters are an often an under-appreciated and overworked part of the business world. They are responsible for putting the move on everything from office chairs and tool stands to shopping carts and hospital beds.

There's no job too big or too small for caster wheels. They are, indeed, a back-saving invention few could imagine doing without. Or, if your product doesn't call for permanent wheels, a wheel dolly is the perfect solution. Here are some important things to know before you start shopping:

1. The weight your dolly wheels will carry;

2. The surface over which your caster wheels will roll; and

3. The purpose your wheeled dolly casters will serve.

Determine for what product or products your caster wheels are used

Dolly caster wheels are available in a variety of categories, ranging from very light duty to heavy duty dolly casters. Knowing what your caster wheels are going on and how much weight they will need to bear is important in determining which ones to purchase.

Consider the surface over which your caster wheels will roll

Will your dolly casters and wheels be rolling on tile, hardwood floors, cement or plush carpeting? Will they be exposed to outdoor elements, chemicals, dust or shavings? Do your wheels need to swivel or just roll back and forth? Do they need brakes?

Decide whether fashion and fun are important

Wheels are wheels, you say? Not so anymore! Even industrial dolly casters are available with fun twists and eye-catching flair.
  • A number of sites that sell dolly casters and wheels list their products by brand, which is terrific if you know for what brand you're looking. Many offer the option of simply calling for ordering help, as well, since there are literally thousands of dolly wheels from which to choose.