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Manufacturers and distributors of industrial lifts and platforms, including all types of warehouse lifts, hydraulic lifts, and lift jacks. Research vendors of platform lifts and maintenance lifts for equpiment that suits your business needs.

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Pricing and Costs of Industrial Lifts

A quality industrial platform lift can improve the efficiency of a warehouse, loading dock, or any business situation that requires reaching high places. Lifting platforms come in a variety of styles that carry different costs.

Supplies for Industrial Lifts

Materials handling operations rely on lift machines in great condition to move heavy loads. Keeping warehouse lifts in great shape is important for the safety of the goods you're lifting as well as laborers in your warehouse or factory.

Industrial Lifts Key Terms

Industrial lifts include any type of equipment that makes it easy to move pallets or products on a factory floor, or in and out of a cargo truck, boat or airplane. When setting up a manufacturing or shipping operation, material handling experts examine the workflow to decide which types of lifts can improve efficiency, as well as protect workers and goods.

The Vertical Platform Lift Makes Your Porch or Deck Easily Accessible

Sometimes called a porch lift, Bruno's rugged and reliable wheelchair lift is a residential lift that provides efficient access to a raised deck or porch.

Wheelchair Lifts - Vertical Platform Lifts - Garaventa Lift | Garaventa Lift

There are four models of Garaventa vertical platform lifts to suit any need or application, the Genesis Enclosure , Genesis Shaftway , Elvoron CPL and Genesis ...

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IL500 Sierra Incline Platform Lift - Harmar

Choose it wherever a stairway lift doesn't fit a user's accessibility needs or a vertical platform lift isn't appropriate for residential use. Designed to carry a wide  ...

Platform Lift | eBay

Find great deals on eBay for Platform Lift in Industrial Material Handling. Shop with confidence.

Platform Lifts - Material Lifts - Grainger Industrial Supply

14 Results ... Let Grainger help you get the job done with platform lifts in a wide range of sizes and load capacities. Choose from manual and hydraulic lifts and ...

ThyssenKrupp Access Platform Lifts

When you want to maintain a healthy, happy, active lifestyle, choose a ThyssenKrupp Access wheelchair/platform lift. All wheelchair/platform lifts pass rigorous ...

Vertical Platform Lifts - Residential & Commercial | AmeriGlide

Vertical Platform Lifts for wheelchair users starting at $3295. For details on residential or commercial vertical platform lifts, contact AmeriGlide at 1(800)990- 8268.

Enclosed Platform Lifts | Trus-t-Lift Enclosed Vertical Lift ...

Safe & affordable, Trus-t-Lift vertical enclosed platform lifts provide perfect wheelchair or scooter access to your home, deck, or porch.

Advanced Equipment Vertical Lifts

Vertical reciprocating conveyors configured as straddle, four-post mechanical or cantilever type lifts. Lifting heights up to 150 feet.

Lifts and Platforms

Even if your business is selling dainty women's lingerie, there may come a time when you need to invest in down-and-dirty industrial equipment, particularly lifts and platforms. In the most basic sense, lifts and platforms are used to move stuff around — usually heavy boxes and pallets. Industrial lifts are work platforms used to raise and lower material, personnel and work pieces for loading and work positioning.

This equipment is widely used in construction, automotive and garage service, electrical and power service, telecommunications, manufacturing and inventory management businesses. As a general rule, you will know if you need it.

There are several common types of industrial lifts:

  1. Table lifts and positioners are typically used to raise and position work for ergonomic access. They may also be used for material or load positioning or for lifting.
  2. Forklifts (also called powered industrial trucks, or PITs) and pallet lifts are used for lifting loads such as pallets from the floor to a raised position for working, storage height positioning, or loading and unloading.
  3. Truck lift gates are designed for truck loading.They typically mount onto or near the back or bed of a truck, and are used for lifting loads up to or above the bed surface.
  4. Personnel lifts, as the name implies, are designed to raise and lower people to heights for working or moving goods.
  5. Boom lifts are for working in high places, such as ceiling welding and elevated wire installation and repair.
  6. Dock lifts are used to raise and lower personnel and loads in loading dock areas.

Shop online for new equipment

A handful of companies are well-known suppliers of industrial lifts and platforms.

Decide whether to buy or lease

Most vendors of industrial lifts offer the option to lease, buy or lease to buy. This type of equipment will likely run into the thousands of dollars, so you'll need to understand the tax implications of buying versus leasing.

Check out used equipment

Many buyers find there is no reason to buy the latest and greatest version; you can get what you need from a previously owned workhorse. Be sure to ask for maintenance records and accident history, of course.

Be aware of safety guidelines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulate powered industrial truck usage. These regulations concern loading and unloading, working with hazardous materials and maintaining vehicles.
OSHA regulations and directives.
  • Consider the tax implications of buying versus leasing industrial equipment such as a lift or platform.
  • Peruse online listings for used equipment to get a better bargain.
  • Check out applicable safety regulations before you buy.
  • Leasing may help you save money up front, but you don't end up with a saleable asset, and your credit must be good. Under a typical equipment lease, you generally are entitled to deduct your rental payments if you use the leased property in your business. However, in certain situations, the IRS may deny rental deductions if it audits your return and concludes that your lease is really an installment or conditional sale.

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