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Manufacturers and suppliers of irrigation water pumps. Providers of industrial, municipal, agricultural, and residential sprinkler pumps.

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Supplies for Irrigation Pumps

For an efficient irrigation system, it is important to select the correct equipment and supplies for irrigation pumps. A main component in an irrigation system is the actual pump.

Irrigation Pumps & Supplies - Sprinkler Warehouse

Irrigation Pumps & Accessories. Sometimes the existing water pressure is not sufficient for the desired application. When this is the case, a pump could be the ...

Choose the Right Irrigation Pump for Your Lawn at The Home Depot

Jun 10, 2013 ... Select the irrigation pump for your lawn configuration. This buying guide illustrates pump types, benefits and performance for your lawn.

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How to select the proper type of pump for your irrigation system.

Rain Bird: Landscape Irrigation Pump Stations

Rain Bird's landscape irrigation pump stations deliver powerful solutions to meet your application needs. Remote control and monitoring of the pump, pressure ...

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BERKELEY | Irrigation & Turf Pumps

BERKELEY┬« knows that you demand the highest performance from your irrigation and turf pumps. Our professionally engineered, high-quality, centrifugal  ...

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Items 1 - 50 of 500 ... Sears sells irrigation sprinkler pumps to water your lawn all summer. Stay green with brands like Flexon, Raindrip, DRAMM and more.

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To keep each of your sprinkler heads supplied with fresh water, you need to install a central irrigation pump. The irrigation equipment acts as the hub of any ...

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Find great deals on eBay for Irrigation Pump in Farm Attachments and Irrigation Equipment. Shop with confidence.

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Franklin Electric offers a full line of pumping systems to serve a wide variety of clean water applications. The North America Water Systems group serves North ...

Easy Garden Irrigation

Easy Garden Irrigation is a UK retailer of garden irrigation products. We specialise in Garden Watering Systems, an easy way to keep gardens watered.
Denver Sprinkler Installation

Providing Sprinkler Installation in the Denver Colorado areas. The most efficient sprinkler systems that save you time and money.

Irrigation Pumps Key Terms

To purchase the right irrigation pump, you should become familiar with irrigation pumps key terms. Because there are different types of irrigation water pumps, it is important to understand how to select the correct type of pump for an irrigation system. In general, most irrigation pumps are centrifugal pumps. However, a displacement pump (which is not a centrifugal pump) may be for use as an agricultural water pump because it can move heavier media like mixtures of water and fertilizer.

Likewise, there are many terms used for the components of centrifugal irrigation pumps such as impellers, involutes, bearing assemblies and couplers. The impeller is the component that moves or rotates. A multi-stage centrifugal pump has more than one impeller.

Some other useful irrigation pumps key terms are those related to a pump’s operating characteristics. Some of these are pressure, head, brake horsepower, efficiency and pump curves. Before buying an irrigation or sprinkler pump, consider the following:

1. Choose the correct type of irrigation pump based on design applications.

2. Understand pump performance curves to buy efficient industrial irrigation pumps.

3. Know the key components of a centrifugal irrigation pump.

Learn about the different types of irrigation pumps

For industrial or agricultural applications, some types of centrifugal irrigation pumps are jet, submersible, turbine, and end-suction centrifugal pumps. The rotating impellers in end-suction centrifugal pumps push the water. These pumps are above ground. Submersible pumps are entirely underwater. Turbine pumps can also be located below the water surface.

Purchase pumps for irrigation with high efficiency

To select an efficient water pump for irrigation, knowing about pump sizing and pump performance characteristics is essential. Some important terms are capacity, pump curves and efficiency. Capacity is how much water a pump is able to pump in a given time (gallons per minute). Pump curves give the operating characteristics of a pump. On these curves, you can find the relationships between capacity and head, efficiency and capacity and the best efficiency point (BEP) for a given pump. Many irrigation pump suppliers furnish buyers with pump curve data.
University of Florida IFAS Extension provides information on pump performance factors and the selection of efficient pump equipment. At John Deere Landscapes, you can learn how to read a pump curve. Pump Systems Matter offers a data sheet on how to select an energy-efficient pump.

Get the correct components for an irrigation water pumps

Knowing how each component in a centrifugal irrigation pump functions, can help you identify and troubleshoot any pump problems. It can also make it easier to find the right replacement parts. In general, these types of pumps consist of moving and non-moving elements, nozzles, stuffing boxes, shafts, seal chamber, mechanical seals and various other components. When looking for pump parts, choose suppliers that provide online searches for a component by item description, model, manufacturer or part number.
The Chemical Engineers' Resource Page provides a good overview of pump components. Contractors Depot offers a variety of water pumps for sale on the website as well as a pump glossary and an info page on pump terminology.
  • If you require a centrifugal irrigation pump with a specific impeller size and an off-the-shelf product is not suitable then you can custom order it.

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