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Silver Plating

Silver plating is necessary when silver pieces become worn or cracked and you need to restore them to their original luster and shine. Whether you run an antiquing business or use silver services as decoration set pieces in your restaurant or hotel, you can find a silver replating service online to meet your plating needs.

Bright and Decorative Chrome Plating

Bright and decorative chrome plating is used in a variety of industries to enhance the products that companies provide. Chrome plating is most popular in the automotive industry, but many other industries also use chrome plating to add design and strength to their products.

Ferrous Casting

Ferrous metals are iron-based materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel and more. Ferrous casting refers to shaping liquid ferrous metal into forms by pouring it into molds, dies or patterns.

Optical Thin-Film Coatings

Optical thin-film coatings alter the way an optical component reflects and transmits light. An optical coating is a process of placing thin layer of material on an optical component such as a lens or mirror.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Prototyping

Selective laser sintering (SLS) prototyping creates a prototype by using a three-dimensional design to construct a physical model, layer by layer. Each layer is formed using a powdered substance, such as metal or plastic, in a controlled environment.

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Pewter Casting Key Terms

Pewter casting products are useful for industrial as well as non-industrial applications. The automotive and marine industries use pewter casting products for their durability.

Wood Chippers Education and Training

Wood chippers are landscape machinery products used often by landscape architects, gardeners and groundskeepers to manage outdoor aesthetics and make use of tree and brush resources. Sustainable landscaping often requires the use of a wood chipper in order to recycle tree limbs that have fallen or been cut, and to turn them into chips for functional landscaping decor.

Pewter Casting Types and Styles

To cast pewter, one must pour molten pewter into molds where it hardens to create items. These items differ depending on the mixture of copper or antimony with the tin.

Metal Fabrication

Fabricated metal products are imperative elements in many industries. Your company is no different.

Rubber and Plastic Coating

Rubber plastic finishing and coating products and services have applications in a wide range of industries. Protection, repair, color-coding and even conductivity enhancements are all possible through the use of rubber and plastic coating processes.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is a broad term to describe any number of coatings or processes that clean, protect or restructure metal surfaces. These metal surfaces can be anything from industrial machinery to household appliances.

Pewter Casting

Pewter casting is a multiple step process that results in the alloy being molded into a specific shape. Pewter is a popular choice for decorative items, such as charms and ornaments, but is durable enough to be used in the automotive and marine industries.


Trinetics a division of Hubbell Power Systems, Inc specializes in designing engineering manufacturing components & assemblies for the electrical field
Kahlenberg Industries, Inc.

Kahlenberg is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of the highest quality air and electric horns for yachts, commercial and military vessels.

Gavish is world leader in the production of custom sapphire products, including Sapphire windows, Sapphire lenses, Sapphire tubes & Sapphire rods.
Yandina Plastics

Yandina Plastics are manufacturers of plastic core trays and a range of products that require plastic injection molding.

PCM is a leading manufacturer of pumps for Oil & Gas, Food and Industrial applications. Learn more about our PCM pumps and fluid handling equipment.
B2B Information for Taiwantrade

Taiwantrade helps global buyers find Taiwan suppliers and products. Largest importer and exporter database, information on trade shows and more.
5S Today

Welcome to 5SToday. The best place to find your 5S Supplies, Lean Tools, Floor Marking Tapes, Floor Signs, Red Tags, 5S Videos, and more
Abrasion Resistant Coatings

Each of our four abrasion resistant coating options help maintain closer conformity to specified dimensional tolerances.
China Bag Manufacturer, Custom & Wholesale Bag bulk at cheap

Custom and Wholesale Cosmetic Bags, Makeup Bags, Travel Toiletry Bag, Handbags, Totes, Backpacks, etc., for Store sale as well as promotional gifts.
Log Splitters Direct

Log splitter superstore offering electric & gas log splitters, skid steer and 3 point wood splitters. Top brand names. Free Shipping
Metal Coatings

Abrasion resistant coatings for industrial and fastener applications.
Total Prepare Inc.

Providing emergency preparedness products and self-reliance solutions. The best long term food and water options available. 72 hour kits. THRIVE food.

Industrial Manufacturing Organizations

A manufacturer association is a team of professionals who want to share their experiences and knowledge. Industrial manufacturing organizations are a source of support and an opportunity for professionals in the industry to network with each other. Groups maintain the spirit of shared learning and volunteerism and strive to maintain a high performing manufacturing presence in North America. This performance is vital to the economic strength of the continent.

The concept of a manufacturing organization is synonymous with a community of mentoring relationships. Company leaders are given access to educational opportunities through events and networking. You get up-to-date information on new and developing technologies in the manufacturing environment. As a result, your professional development is enhanced. Consider the following:

1. Use an industrial manufacturers association to network and grow as a professional.

2. Evaluate different membership dues and levels to join industrial manufacturing trade associations.

3. Take advantage of educational and other industry tools and opportunities.

Get involved with industrial manufacturer organizations to network and learn from peers

Industrial manufacturing organizations consist of international, statewide and local groups or organizations. The goal of these organizations is the same: to develop and implement programs that benefit the industry.

Expect to pay dues to belong to a manufacturing organization

Industrial manufacturing professional associations' dues will range based on the membership level you choose.

Benefit from industrial manufacturing associations' educational tools and industry resources

When you join industrial manufacturing organizations, you get access to many career development tools such as magazines, business reports, a career center, courses and seminars. Increase your knowledge, advance your skills and boost your career in no time with these valuable resources.
  • Look through all facets of industrial manufacturing associations before joining. Some focus more on advocacy while others focus on improving technology. Make sure you find the right one for your professional needs. Most will allow you to try tools and resources out before becoming a member to see if the organization is the right one for you.