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Manufacturers and suppliers of metal recycling machinery and equipment.

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Metal Recycling Equipment Education and Training

Metal recycling machines are an important part of any metal recycling business. These machines are powerful and can do many things with scrap and recycled metal, including melting, crushing and briquetting.

Metal Recycling Equipment Types and Styles

There are many machines for recycling metal available on the market. These machines make recycling simpler by cutting, compacting and baling scrap metal into easy-to-transport bundles.

Metal Recycling Machinery & Equipment

We work hard to develop relationships with our customers, so that they come back to us for their metal recycling equipment time after time. We recognise that if  ...

Scrap Metal & Auto Recycling Equipment - Al-jon

Al-jon provides the best car loggers, scrap metal balers and car crushers in the industry. ... Successful operations rely on Al-jon scrap recycling equipment.

WENDT CORPORATION: Innovative Scrap Metal Processing ...

... Featured in Recycling Today's Shredding Equipment Focus August 26, 2014 ... WENDT CORPORATION'S Separation Systems offer sophisticated metal ...

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Super Metal Recycling & Equipment Inc.

Super metal recycling & equipment group's two major activities are: Purchasing, collecting, processing scrap metal and selling and ordering all kind of ...

Metal Sorting Equipment For Metal Recycling And Separation | MSS

Metal sorting equipment and separation technology will benefit your facility. The appropriate metal recycling solution will effectively reduce costs.

Schnitzer Steel ยป Metals Recycling

The metal typically comes from obsolete machinery and equipment such as autos , railroad cars, railroad tracks, home appliances and demolition metal from ...

BE Equipment | Recycling Equipment for Scrap Metal Processing ...

BE Equipment offers a variety of recycling equipment for scrap metal processing equipment including: alligator shears, wire stripper, drum crushers and other ...

Recycling Equipment & Machinery,Metal Recycling & Handling ...

Recycling Equipment Directory brings you used machinery & Equipment for Recycling & Handling ,Equipment includes Shear,Baler,Grapple,Shredder, Crusher ...

Metal recycling -

Metal recycling. Scrap is an internationally traded commodity in demand as raw material for steel making. But different kinds of metal scrap require different ...

JMC Recycling - Nottingham based scrap metal recycling equipment ...

Oct 2, 2012 ... Welcome to JMC Recycling Systems Ltd manufacturer of alligator shears, metal shears, cleaning shears, metal balers, cable strippers, wire ...

Metal-Recycling Equipment Key Terms

Knowing metal-recycling equipment terminology can help you when you make your next purchase, at your next trade show event, at the next City Council meeting or any other social situation where this socially responsible topic is coming up. Many places are paying top dollar for recycled metal, and knowing metal-recycling equipment key terms, acronyms and definitions are will help you the next time you discuss this topic. Metal-recycling equipment key terms can include equipment types, background information needed before you begin investing in metal-recycling equipment and acronyms surrounding the industry. Staying abreast of the necessary words and phrases can put you one step ahead of your competition and colleagues.

Waste-composition study

Waste-composition studies are helpful for metal-recycling businesses because they help look at what types of waste and how much waste a landfill or waste-to-energy facility or a government organization collects.


DEP is an acronym for a department of environmental protection. DEPs can help you find waste-composition study information.


A densor is an aluminum can compressor. This machine is different than a can flattener because the densor increases density, while the flattener flattens.


Shears are a cutting metal-recycling tool. Shears can come in standard sizes or you can have them custom made to fit any size job or weight of product being cut through.


Balers take compacted metals, such as stainless steel cans, aluminum, insulated wire and more, and fit them into condensed packages much like a hay baler takes straw and converts it into hay bales. This makes for ease of transport and sale of the raw materials.


Granulators are a recycling tool used for scrap wires and cables.