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Manufacturers of meteorological instruments and supplies.

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Meteorological instrumentation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Meteorological instruments are the equipment used to sample the state of the atmosphere at a given time. Each science has its own unique sets of laboratory ...

The Instruments of Meteorology

The Instruments of Meteorology. W. K. Hocking. 1. Introduction. The earliest instruments used to monitor weather involved the senses of the human body ...

Meteorological Instruments - HowStuffWorks

The meteorological instruments channel explains the tools that help scientists measure and collect data on the weather. Check out meteorological instr.

Guide to Meteorological Instruments and Methods of ... - WMO

The first edition of the Guide to Meteorological. Instruments and Methods of Observation was published in 1954 and consisted of twelve chapters. Since then, .

professional meteorological instruments - Scientific Sales, Inc.

Save on top rated professional meteorological instruments from Scientific Sales. An authorized dealer of R.M. Young, RainWise, Columbia Weather Systems, ...

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Encyclopedia: Meteorological Instruments |

Encyclopeadia articles concerning Meteorological Instruments.

Meteorological Instruments - Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg EBook of A Treatise on Meteorological Instruments, by Henry Negretti and Joseph Zambra This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere ...

Weather Instruments for Meteorological Solutions - Vaisala

Weather Instruments for Meteorological Solutions: Observation instrument provide weather data for barometric pressure, cloud height, humidity. Multi- weather ...

Gill Instruments: Meteorological Instruments, Weather Measurement

Gill Instruments provide meteorological instruments for wind speed measurement , including ultrasonic wind speed and direction anemometers and data ...

R. M. Young Company

Precision meteorological instruments for: Wind Speed and Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Precipitation; Indicators and displays, Data recorders.


The department runs a Meteorological Instruments Workshop which has a capability of manufacturing basic meteorological instruments such as Standard Rain ...

Encyclopedia: Meteorological Instruments |

Encyclopeadia articles concerning Meteorological Instruments.

Meteorological Instruments

Meteorological instruments come in many shapes and forms, as do the companies and businesses that rely on them. Weather instruments are crucial to utility companies, hospitals, schools, transportation and government agencies. Meteorological equipment ranges from weather stations, weather gauges, solar radiation instruments and barometers to software and communications tools.

Meteorological instruments don't just help forecast the weather; they also gauge water levels, measure soil moisture and potential snow melt rates, and determine rain and snowfall amounts, dew points and moisture distribution. To aid in forecasting, weather instrument suppliers offer weather instruments that measure factors such as air temperature, precipitation, evaporation, infiltration and solar radiation.

Utility companies need meteorological instruments to forecast inclement weather that may disrupt service. Hospitals and schools rely on weather instrument suppliers for equipment that provides data that help them decide on institutional staffing plans. Government agencies from NASA to NOAA use meteorological instrumentation to forecast both clear skies and hurricanes.

Find online such meteorological supplies as:

1. Weather forecasting stations;

2. Weather forecasting software and communication equipment;

3. Weather alert radios;

4. Lightning strike detectors.

Match weather instruments to your business need

A professional weather station is a useful meteorological instrument if your business is dependent on the weather. It can measure rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, wind chill and soil, air and water temperature.

Protect employees with meteorological supplies like weather radios

A weather radio is a meteorological instrument that can protect your employees from severe weather all year.

Use weather instruments to protect outdoor workers from lightning

A handheld lightning detector is one of the best weather instruments to protect workers in the landscaping and golf course industries.
  • Make sure your weather equipment operates on auxiliary power or batteries so an electricial outage will not put your employees, or your business, at risk.

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