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Methanol Education and Training

Alternative fuels are the wave of the future, and that certainly applies to methanol, one of the most researched renewable fuels right now. That means there are numerous educational opportunities available in all areas of methanol training and research, from methanol technicians to overviews of alternative fuels and their uses.

Methanol Basics

Methanol, also known as wood grain alcohol, is becoming increasingly useful as an alternative fuel. Buying methanol for your business can be beneficial in a number of ways, however, handling and storing the chemical can pose a number of dangers.

Methanol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, wood naphtha or wood spirits, is a chemical with the formula CH3OH (often abbreviated MeOH).

Methanol Institute: Welcome

A non-profit educational and scientific organization dedicated to supporting the greater use of methanol as a clean energy resource.

Methanol Toxicity - Medscape Reference

Dec 13, 2013 ... Methanol Toxicity. Methanol, also known as wood alcohol, is a commonly used organic solvent that, because of its toxicity, can cause metabolic ...

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Methanol - Solvent Center | Sigma-Aldrich

Sigma-Aldrich stocks a variety of high-purity, research grade solvents. Visit the solvent center to find the methanol product to meet your exact needs.

Methanol poisoning: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Methanol is a nondrinking type of alcohol used for industrial and automotive purposes. This article discusses poisoning from an overdose of methanol. This is for ...

Methanol | CH4O | ChemSpider

Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Methanol, carbinol, 67-56-1, Methyl alcohol, MeOH, CH3OH.

Alternative Fuels Data Center: Methanol

Apr 14, 2014 ... Methanol. Methanol (CH3OH), also known as wood alcohol, is an alternative fuel under the Energy Policy Act of 1992. As an engine fuel, ...

CDC - NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards - Methyl alcohol

Synonyms & Trade Names. Carbinol, Columbian spirits, Methanol, Pyroligneous spirit, Wood alcohol, Wood naphtha, Wood spirit ...

Methanol | Technology Transfer Network Air Toxics Web site | US EPA

Methanol is released to the environment during industrial uses and naturally from volcanic gases, vegetation, and microbes. Exposure may occur from ambient ...

Chemicals in the Environment: Methanol - Environmental Protection ...

OPPT Chemical Fact Sheet EPA 749-F-94-013 CHEMICALS IN THE ENVIRONMENT: METHANOL (CAS NO. 67-56-1) prepared by OFFICE OF POLLUTION ...


Methanol alcohol does not get the publicity of its ethanol counterpart, but many see methanol gas as just as viable an alternate fuel option for the future. Methanol fuel and methanol injection systems are actively researched as replacements for oil-based gasoline. If your business involves alternate fuel research or even racing cars, methanol can be your path into the future.

Methanol is every bit as flammable and hazardous as gasoline, so any type of methanol purchase must be made and handled with extreme care. Since it is also not a widespread fuel source, your biggest task will be finding where to buy methanol. But there are other questions as well:

1. How much methanol do you need?

2. Where and how will methanol be transported and stored?

3. Do you need pure ethanol or a form that has been refined into methanol fuel?

Buy small test batch quantities of methanol

For small projects involving methanol, use methanol suppliers that sell it by the liter or gallon. Smaller quantities are easier and safer to transport. Storing it in gas cans or other safe containers stays within fire code regulations.

Buy methanol in bulk quantities

Most companies needing methanol for refining or other projects need to buy in bulk quantities. When buying by the drum, you are handling a large quantity of a hazardous material. Because of this, buyers must often show credentials to prove they can be trusted with it.

Purchase biodiesel methanol fuel

If you need methanol for cars, meaning methanol that's already refined into fuel, you won't find any national wholesale distributors. Methanol fuel, which is a type of biodiesel, is sold primarily by small, independent biodiesel retailers.
United States Department of Energy and the National Biodiesel Board provide locations of methanol/biodiesel retailers across the country, allowing you to find a retailer near you.
  • Get clean, unused gas cans to store methanol if you're buying it by the gallon. Clearly label the cans so everyone will know what they contain. You should handle methanol with the same care and precautions as normal gasoline.
  • Look for gas antifreeze (not engine antifreeze) for your methanol source if all you need is a liter or less. Some of these products are almost entirely methanol. Make sure it is made of methanol and not another type like isopropyl.