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Companies involved in the production and processing of natural gas.

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EIA - Natural Gas Production Data & Analysis

Natural Gas Exploration and Production Data and Analysis from the Energy Information Administration.

U.S. Natural Gas Gross Withdrawals and Production

From Shale Gas Wells ... NGPL Production, Gaseous Equivalent ... January 2006, "Other States" volumes include all of the natural gas producing states except: ...

List of countries by natural gas production - Wikipedia, the free ...

This is a list of countries by natural gas production based on statistics from the International Energy Agency. According to the International Energy Agency, the ...

Natural gas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Production[edit]. In mines, where methane seeping from rock formations has no odor, sensors are used, and mining apparatus such ...

How is natural gas produced - Informatorium

Depth, at which natural gas is located, varies from 1,000 meters to several kilometers. The process of gas production meaning its extraction from the subsurface, ...

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The Natural Gas Boom Could Accelerate Climate Change ...

Sep 26, 2014 ... Natural gas production in the United States is booming: Since 2005, .... before the well was complete and had begun producing natural gas.

Natural gas - production - CIA

Country Comparison :: Natural gas - production. Natural gas - production compares the total natural gas produced in cubic meters (cu m).

Natural Gas Production In Texas | StateImpact Texas

Texas leads the nation in natural gas production, holding around 23 percent of the nation's natural gas reserves. Natural gas is primarily methane (CH4) and is ...

Natural Gas Production Falls Short in China -

Aug 21, 2014 ... The nation, facing severe pollution from coal and a rising dependence on energy imports, has had limited success in extracting natural gas ...

U.S. natural-gas production has helped stabilize global energy ...

Oct 7, 2014 ... Fracking in shale deposits has made the U.S. the world's leader in natural gas production and helped lower the cost of gas and energy prices ...

U.S. Now World's Leading Natural Gas Producer - The Desert Sun

Sep 2, 2014 ... According to the BP 2014 statistical world energy review, the U.S. has achieved world-leading natural gas production, by reaching a new ...

Oil and Natural Gas Production - Environmental Protection Agency

Outdoor Air - Industry, Business, and Home: Oil and Natural Gas Production - Additional Information. This information will help you gain a better understanding of ...

Natural Gas Production

Natural gas production is more important than ever as an energy resource. To produce natural gas is a large undertaking that requires drilling, processing, transporting, storage and pipeline building--each are sub-industries within the natural gas industry.

Producing natural gas is getting easier and less costly as technology is developed to aid in the exploration and refinement of natural gas. Natural gas production facilities are located inside and outside of the US and these natural gas production companies can partner with transportation and storage providers, pipeline builders and other companies. Safety issues are of paramount importance and companies have to work with the state and federal government in many areas of production.

1. US natural gas producers are exploring in the US and outside the US in Mexico, Brazil and Egypt to name three other countries.

2. The production of natural gas is taking place throughout the US and the world with a lot of global investing.

3. Natural gas reserves are considered high in the US, which is why there has been a huge investment in technology and other resources to harvest and store natural gas. Natural gas exists onshore and offshore.

Get the big picture on natural gas production

The natural gas industry generates much business in many areas. It is important to get the whole picture of the industry and see where your company can have a role to play.
Energy Information Administration can give you a good idea where the most work is being performed. Natural Gas Org gives a complete business overview of the industry broken down into markets.

Check out the big natural gas production companies

These big companies have sites and plants in different parts of the country. They require any number of vendors to produce and transport natural gas. Local vendors can supply support to plant operations in their areas.

Compare business opportunities with natural gas production facilities

Natural gas production facilities are also known as refineries. Most facilities refine more than one product. Natural gas production facilities require state and local regulation.
  • Investors in natural gas production may not be seeing big returns right now. Companies are investing money in research and development, building plants and drilling. Once these are in place, investors should be seeing good returns.

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