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Producers, distributors and marketers of natural gas and related services.

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Natural Gas Utilities

Natural gas suppliers number 8,000 in the United States. Natural gas utility companies supply energy to 60 million homes, 72% of U.

Working with Natural Gas Utilities

Converting to natural gas utilities is a great way to become more energy efficient, save your business money and reduce your company's dependence on foreign oil. The first step is to make sure natural gas service is available at your place of business.

Natural Gas Utilities Key Terms

The realm of natural gas utilities has a language all its own. In today's world, when we are considering what fuels to use, we also take into account what effects they will have on our planet.

Natural Gas Utilities Overview - Natural Gas

Local natural gas utilities represent the final step in the natural gas delivery process — distribution to local customers. Local natural gas utilities receive their  ...

List of United States natural gas companies - Wikipedia, the free ...

This is a list of natural gas companies in the United States. ... Connecticut – City of Norwich Department of Public Utilities, Northeast Utilities (via Yankee Gas), ...

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Florida Public Utilities -Natural Gas, Electricity, PropaneFlorida ...

Florida Public Utilities (FPU) provides natural gas, electricity and propane service to residential, commercial and industrial markets throughout Florida.

Liberty Utilities | Natural Gas

Energy Efficiency. Incentive programs and suggestions to help you reduce energy usage and lower your monthly bill. Come see what's available! Residential ...

Atmos Energy

Natural gas utility serving customers in 12 states, mostly in the Southeast. Includes service information, news and FAQs.

Natural Gas Companies & Suppliers - Pennsylvania Public Utility ...

Instructions and application for companies to offer, render, furnish or supply natural gas supply services to the public in Pennsylvania. Please use this newly ...

Michigan Natural Gas Rates (Michigan Gas Utilities)

Information on natural gas service and rates for residential customers in Michigan .

Natural Gas Utilities - Utility Connection

Listing of investor owned natural gas utility home pages in the US.

Natural Gas Distribution

LDCs are regulated utilities involved in the delivery of natural gas to consumers within a specific geographic area. There are two basic types of natural gas ...

Making the Most of Natural Gas Utilities

Natural gas utilities provide a clean and reliable form of energy for businesses like yours. Additionally, rates from natural gas utility companies are often relatively inexpensive. But there are ways you can cut your bill even further.

Making the most of natural gas utilities is relatively easy. In order to start saving money, all you have to do is seek out information about programs from your natural gas supplier that:

1. Offer promotions for converting to a natural gas supply or purchasing appliances that run on natural gas;

2. Detail ways to reduce your gas company bill by conserving energy;

3. And keep your natural gas appliances running as efficiently as possible.

Take advantage of promotions from natural gas suppliers

Natural gas utilities offer all sorts of promotions to encourage the use of natural gas. Also, check with your local gas companies to see if they offer rebates for purchasing new appliances that run on natural gas. Finally, if you're not on natural gas yet, some fuel companies offer valuable incentives for converting to natural gas.

Use tips from gas companies to conserve energy

Most natural gas companies are eager to educate their customers on ways to reduce their energy consumption and cut their bills. Many of the energy-saving tips can be accomplished at little or no cost.

Team up with natural gas companies that offer maintenance programs

Another great way to save money is to make sure that your appliances are running properly. Routine maintenance and inspections from natural gas companies and private repair services can catch problems before they start to add up on your bill.
  • Most natural gas suppliers will visit your location and perform an energy audit to help you conserve. This can be especially beneficial if your business has a lot of appliances that run on natural gas.

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Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

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306,241 Subscribers