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Oil and Gas Transportation Basics

From working with barges and international waters, to domestic truck routes, oil tanker and gas trucking are two common ways of oil and gas transportation in and to the US. Oil tanker companies and gasoline transport businesses are the staple of delivering fuel to our homes and our businesses, and we rely on them to keep us functioning.

Working with Oil and Gas Transportation

Oil and gas transportation is part of a lucrative industry that involves a complex transportation and storage system. Some of our oil is purchased overseas and some of it is drilled domestically.

Oil and Gas Transportation Key Terms

Oil and gas transportation literally make the world go around. They are the backbone of the world economy as they take oil in its crudest form and transport it to the places that refine it to usable substances.

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Oil & Gas Transportation and Logistics

Building Road and Rail Infrastructure to Support Canadian and U.S. Oil and Gas Industry. In 2009 there were 500 railway oil wagons moved in Canada.

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Oil and Gas Transportation

Oil and gas transportation is crucial to our economy, and with gas prices and electric at an all time high, finding affordable service providers is key to helping keep U.S. prices down at the pump and in our homes. Companies that engage in oil and gas activities, including the refinement of crude oil and/or the marketing and distribution of their crude oil, natural gas or refined petroleum products need means to transport it to their end users.

Gas transportation and oil tanker transportation has to be done by qualified professionals, and finding the right service provider can be key to successful distribution of your product or the timely receipt of your gas or oil.

To find the right gas trucking or oil tanker company for you:

1. Stick with industry specific search websites. Generally speaking, there is not much oil and gas transportation company information out there on broader search engines.

2. Find a gas transportation company that will suit your needs and your budget.

3. Think regionally if you don't find a quality oil transportation provider locally.

Start with an industry specific ail and gas transportation directory

Skip Yahoo or Google, go straight to an industry specific list of oil and gas transportation providers.

Find safe gas trucking

Whether you are looking to transport your gas or oil by fleet or by boat, finding the right service provider is imperative to your safe product transport.

Stay informed about the oil transportation industry

Oil and gas transport are vital to the success of many countries, and being knowledgeable about the hows and whys will give you a better understanding of how the industry works.
U.S. Department of Energy not only offers industry information, but lists industry events as well.
  • Gas trucking and oil tanker companies are in the business of transportation, not web design, so don't let a poorly designed website deter you from a company. They might offer the best service in the world, but just may not be Internet savvy. Speak with the company, visit their facilities and gain a better feeling for the company and its crew instead, before making your final decision.

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