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Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for oil spill management and containment.

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Manufacturer of oil spill recovery and cleanup equipment including ...

Oil spill recovery equipment - grooved drum skimmers, control and containment of oil spills. Fire boom, vacuum trailers, response boats, portable tanks. Elastec ...

World Catalog of Oil Spill Response Products

Welcome to, your gateway to the premier oil spill equipment providers world-wide. is a companion website to the ...

Spill Containment Products - UltraTech International, Inc.

UltraTech provides innovative products for spill containment, oil spill clean-up, erosion ... Secondary containment for drums, tanks, equipment and vehicles.


Lamor (Larsen Marine Oil Recovery) Corporation offers solutions for optimal oil spill response and recovery. With offices, staff and equipment strategically ...

Equipment List - Oil Spill Response

equipment into loads that are suitable for generic spills and operational environments. In addition to the equipment's specification, we also include a legend with ...

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Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment - Granite Environmental, Inc

Granite Environmental is a leading source of Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment for spill response, cleanup and containment applications. Whether you are in need of ...

Oil Spill Response | DESMI - Proven technology

PROVEN OIL SPILL TECHNOLOGY DESMI design and manufacture an ... This equipment is used by all the major oil spill response operations around the ...

What types of equipment are used in oil spill cleanup? - Ohmsett

OHMSETT is the only facility where full-scale oil spill response equipment testing, research, and training can be conducted in a marine environment.

Oil Spill Equipment & Pollution Clean up Contractors Directory

Recovered oil storage may present a big problem in an oil spill operation. Storage can be created with temporary pits or by utilizing barges or other tanks of  ...

Oil Spill Equipment - CRUCIAL, Inc. - Products for a Cleaner ...

Oil Spill Equipment Products. A Single Source for Oil Spill Products. Because oil spills differ, many products have been developed for the differing conditions.

Oil Spill Response Techniques - Environmental Protection Agency

The key to effectively combating spills is careful selection and proper use of the equipment and materials best suited to the type of oil and the conditions at the ...

Equipment used for marine oil spills - Maritime New Zealand

Maritime New Zealand owns over $12 million dollars of equipment to use when responding to marine oil spills. This equipment is housed in Auckland as well as  ...

Oil Spill Equipment

Oil spill equipment gives us the ability to manage accidents and disasters with one of our most precious resources while protecting water, another of our most precious resources. Supplies for containing oil spills, along with other environmental protection technologies, are in higher demand due to shifts in global thinking on environmental protection.

The main types of oil spill equipment used in containment and recovery are:

1. Absorbents—the easiest to use of all oil spill equipment. This type comes in granules like rock salt or ice or pads that absorb oil.

2. Skimmers—oil spill recovery equipment that can “skim” oil from the surface of water.

3. Booms—oil spill response equipment with long, floating barriers that trap oil in one specific area to prevent further contamination.

Stock up on absorbents as an oil spill solution to minor accidents around the machine shop

Not every oil spill is a disaster, but you do need to manage every oil spill correctly and dispose of the oil properly. Garages and shops experience minor oil spills on a daily basis. Failure to follow rules and regulations on oil spills is illegal, for both businesses and residents. If you work with oil, plan to have the minimum equipment for containing oil spills.

Use solutions for oil spills like oil skimmers

Slow leaks or minor spills in calm waters can be managed by oil skimmers and a few environmental clean-up specialists. The skimmer generally works with a fine mesh that traps the oil while allowing clean water to pass through.

Use oil containment booms to block large spills from spreading further across the water

Booms are the best way to contain or divert a very large spill quickly, though smaller booms do just as well on more minute spills. Advancements in environmental technology allow booms to be one of the most reliable means of preventing oil spills from doing major damage to the area.

  • If oil spill containment equipment plays a significant part in your business workday, you may want to invest in oil spill equipment that completes the recovery process. Adding a storage tank and an oil-water separator to your inventory gives you more solutions for oil spills and managing the results.

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