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Manufacturers of pipe and valve flanges and fittings.

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Pipe and Valve Fittings

Pipe valves and fittings come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. They are made of various materials, including brass, stainless steel, plastic and aluminum.

Supplies for Pipe and Valve Fittings

Working on both new and older pipe and valve systems requires many supplies and tools. Things like pipe threaders, cutters, vises, wrenches and other tools are required to manipulate and install new piping.

Pipes, Water Pipes, PVC Fittings, Valves & More at The Home Depot

Shop The Home Depot for your plumbing repair needs. The Home Depot offers a huge selection of pipes, water pipes, pvc fittings, valves and more.

Industrial Pipe, Valves, & Fittings - Pipe-Valves, Inc.

Industrial Pipe, Valves, & Fittings. PVI logo The Industrial Specialist for PVF, Actuation and Controls! Click here to download Industrial PVF Line Card (PDF).

Pipe Valve and Fitting Company

pipe page · valve page · fitting page · corrosion page · Learn more about PVFCO staff. Celebrating 52 years in business. A Colorado and Utah employee-owned ...

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Industrial Process Pipe, Fittings, Flanges, and Valves - Cleveland ...

Ohio Pipe, Valves & Fittings, Inc. has built its reputation selling competitively priced, superior quality products and value adding services. We guarantee to ...

Valley Pipe & FittingFittingsPipeValves

Apr 15, 2013 ... Valley Pipe & Fitting supplies pipe, valves, & fittings to manufacturing facilities, mechanical contractors & supply houses throughout the United ...

Pipe, Valve and Fitting Products - MRC Global

MRC Global is a leading global distributor of pipe, valve and fitting (PVF), products and services to the energy and industrial markets.

Pipe & Fittings at Lowe's: PVC, ABS, PEX, DWV and More

Shop for a large selection of high quality pipes and fittings, from PVC pressure fittings and ABS DWV pipe ... Find Pipe, Fittings & Valves at

Pipe fittings, connectors, couplings, valves, adapters and more

View our complete listing of pipe fittings for just about any plumbing project.

Louisiana Chemical Pipe & Valve Fitting, Inc.

Louisiana Chemical Pipe, Valve & Fitting, Inc. is a full service piping supplier that has been locally owned and operated since 1991. Our seasoned and ...

Commercial Industrial Supply

Commercial Industrial Supply: Supplier of Industrial PVC Pipe, PVC Fittings, and many other industrial grade pipe supplies and accessories.

Pipe and Valve Fittings Key Terms

Pipe and valve fittings are crucial when setting up anything from sewer systems to air conditioning. It is very important to know whether or not you need PVC piping or carbon steel for your industry. You should also know how to use plumber's tape to make a simple pipe and valve fitting repair. Piping often includes materials that could be potentially dangerous due to heat or pressure. This is just one of the many reasons that it is essential to know pipe and valve fittings key terms to make the right pipe and valve choices.

Polyvinyl chloride

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe is durable piping made from a combination of plastic and vinyl materials. PVC pipe lasts a long time and can be used in a variety of applications including sewer and water systems. It doesn't rust or wear easily, making it a common piping choice.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel piping is heat resistant, making it ideal for fencing, framing and low-pressure liquids. Carbon steel can withstand heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Carbon steel piping comes in many different sizes to adapt to any project.

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves are made of a metal disc that is attached to a rod. Using a quarter-turn, the butterfly valve can block any opening when closed. The most common use of a butterfly valve is in the carburettor of a car.

Pipe threaders

Pipe threaders are machines that score unique threads into pipe fittings. These machines allow the same types of pipes to match up with one another and still have a unique thread pattern.

Plumber's tape

Plumber's tape is used to complete the seal on some pipes to prevent leaking or loose fittings. Plumber's tape can also be used to make small piping repairs.

Check valves

Check valves are used for pressure relief in either water or air applications. They come in a variety of sizes and pressure gauges. Combined with other fittings and parts, check valves can be customized to adapt to many applications.

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