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Pulp and Paper Products

Not all paper manufacturers are created equal. Some specialize in certain types of paper or manufacturing methods, while others stick to mainstream items like computer paper and packaging board.

Pumice Stone Suppliers

Pumice stone suppliers meet a demand for a product that has more than one use. Manufacturers utilize pumice stones for a broad spectrum of functions that include abrasive cleansers, cosmetic exfoliation and creating stonewashed jeans to name a few.

Metal Rods

Metal rods make metal stock storage practical and easy. Companies buy and sell rods, and then undergo processing them into other metal products.

Steel Organizations

If you own a company in the steel industry, you would do well to partner with steel associations to strengthen your business expertise and credibility. Industry organizations bring together professionals with similar goals and challenges.

Stainless Steel Raw Materials

One of the more practical materials for most businesses available nowadays is raw stainless steel. From chefs to carpenters, just about every trade and industry relies on stainless steel for its durability, easy maintenance and sleek appeal.

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Mineral Shipping

Mineral shipping allows various commodities, primarily coal, to be taken from where they are to where they need to be. Nationally, the most common methods for transporting minerals are barges and trains.

Refractory Ceramics

Refractory ceramics are a popular choice in various industries because of their durability, high heat resistance, thermal and chemical stability and low density. Many precision parts and insulation found in the automotive, medical, military and aerospace fields are refractory ceramic.

Metal Ores

Metal ore mining is a growing business as the world's demand for metals increases. In the United States, there are approximately 250 metal ore mining companies that combined make roughly $7 billion dollars annually.

Buying Copper Ore

The electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing industries all use products fabricated from copper ore minerals, such as copper tubes and pipes for their superior heat conduction and pressure resistance. If you run a business that fabricates copper for sale to industry and building contractors, you need an understanding of copper ore mining and processing to ensure a grasp of copper ore prices, and to ensure you buy the appropriate copper ore grade for your fabrication needs.

Pulp and Paper Converters

Evaluate how you can use paper conversion to grow your paper company. Take advantage of the way paper conversion allows you to create the specific paper products your customers demand.

Silicone Elastomers

Silicone elastomers boast thermal, chemical and oxidative stability in many temperatures and environments. This characteristic makes them more versatile and easier to use than rubber or organic elastomers.

Bronze Wire

The bronze wire products market ranges from woven mesh, screens and cloth to twisted rope and silicon bronze welding wire. Bronze is strong, attractive and an excellent electrical conductor, making it the perfect wire material for both delicate, finely milled applications and heavy duty industrial applications.

Xiamen Innovacera Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd

As a manufacturer of technical ceramic products, Innovacera main business is produce metallization ceramics and ceramic component as customer request.
Brazing Alloy Manufacturer

Offers the most comprehensive inventory in the industry of brazing alloys and soldering alloys in a wide variety of engineered forms.
CMI Gold & Silver

CMI Gold & Silver Inc. specializes in gold and silver bullion investments, notably Krugerrands, American Eagle gold coins, silver bars, and more.
Framing Technology Inc.

Modular aluminum framing & t-slot hardware sold directly to industries & individuals. Solutions sold as fully assembled, kit-form or raw.
Knock On Glass

A residential and commercial glass company in New York City NY.
Natural Latex Manufacturer & Exporter

Manufacturers and Exporters of extruded rubber thread, talcum coated rubber thread, silicone coated rubber thread and natural latex.
Premier 1 Auto Glass

An auto glass repair and replacement installation company in the Tampa Bay area.
Rubber Thread Exporter - Natural Latex Manufacturer

Manufacturers and exporters of rubber threads, extruded rubber thread, talcum coated and silicone coated rubber threads, and natural latex gloves.

Metals Basics

Metal products are everywhere you turn. From the car you drive to the ring on your finger, from the computer on your desk to the building your office is in, most of us use something containing metal every day of our lives. Additionally, many industries use metal as a basis for the product or service they provide. For example, jewelry makers use precious metals like gold, contractors use steel for buildings and food manufacturers use tin for product storage.

Whether your products come in or contain metal, your company manufactures alloys or your business recycles metal scraps, a thorough understanding of metals basics is a must. The following information will help guide your journey in the metal industry:

1. Gold, silver, tin and iron are among the most widely used metals on earth.

2. Metal mixtures, called alloys, can produce exact characteristics to fit specific needs.

3. Seek out scrap from metal vendors to help the environment and get a great rate.

Consider the most common metals in use

Seven basic metals, known as the Metals of Antiquity, form the basis of civilization, dating as far back as 6000 BC. Gold, copper, silver, lead, tin, iron and mercury are among the most widely used metals, even to this day. The list of applications for these metals is endless. Jewelers use gold and silver on a regular basis. The most common use for lead is in the manufacturing of lead-acid storage batteries, though it has many others. Copper is widely used in computer circuits and chips and as wiring for conducting electricity. Tin often coats other metals to prevent corrosion. Iron is a common metal in construction of buildings and vehicles. And the most common use of mercury is in thermometers and barometers.
Carnegie Mellon University. Visit Engineers Edge for a list of metals and the temperatures required for melting.

Obtain the desired properties with alloy metals

An alloy is a combination of two metals to produce an alternative metal with specifically desired properties, such as strength, malleability or corrosion resistance. While alloys can result from combining any metals, those most widely used contain at least one of the common metals. For example, jewelers use gold alloys to alter the color of jewelry. Welding requires the use of solder, a tin alloy. The most common alloy metal resulting from iron is steel, which is widely used in building construction.

Separate scrap metal appropriately for recycling

Industrial metals produce a lot of scraps once they serve their purpose. Typically, metal fabricators melt them down and recycle them for other industries to reuse. Scrap metals have two main categories: ferrous scraps, which contain iron, and nonferrous scraps, which contain less than 50% iron. Examples of ferrous scraps include steel, vehicle bodies, motor blocks and cast iron. Nonferrous scraps include aluminum, copper, brass, tungsten, zinc and precious metals. Additionally, some electronics, which also contain plastics, produce scrap metal, such as computer parts, telephones, printers and televisions.
  • Most industrial metal suppliers provide the metal of your choice in a desired form, based upon your company's needs, such as in a bar or sheet or as tubing, rings and even weld wire.

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