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Providers of waste management services. Garbage management services include solid waste management and trash removal of medical and hazardous materials.

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Warehousing for Small Business

If you have inventory, you have a warehousing issue. Storing goods safely and efficiently is key to running a profitable business.

Water Softening Equipment

The traditional method used for removing calcium, magnesium, iron and other heavy metals from water is rapidly changing. 34 states now prohibit the use of regenerative water softening systems, which exchange the calcium and magnesium ions for sodium and potassium.

Steel Recycling

Recycled steel calculates out to more than all other recycled materials, including paper and aluminum, combined. Although many people do not realize it, steel's one of the most recycled materials in the entire world.

Water Well Drilling

Water drilling is a necessary task for many new home or business owners. If you're undergoing a new construction project or are just looking for a new source of tap water, finding a water well drilling service is an essential part of the process.

Waste Management Equipment

Waste collection equipment is the key to compliance and social responsibility for many industries in the U. S.

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Glass Recycling

Glass recycling is one of many steps businesses take to create a greener work place. In 2006, America dumped 13.

Supplies for Warehouse Management

Warehousing and distribution runs more smoothly with fewer errors and more efficient operations when you employ the correct warehouse management software and supplies. When wholesale distribution and warehousing managers are equipped with the supplies needed, you will see the difference in the time spent moving inventory and filing reports, as well as human resource hours spent on jobs.

Metal Recycling Key Terms

When it comes to recycling metal or starting a metal recycling company, it's important to know both the basic terms of recycling as well as terminology associated with metallurgy and the metals industry. Through a well-rounded metal recycling vocabulary, a small business owner can jump confidently onto the green bandwagon and start saving money or consider opening a metal recycling business.

Paper Recycling Basics

Paper recycling services are available in many ares throughout the country, but they are still under utilized. In many cases, offices and industrial factories and warehouses can implement their own paper recycling process by teaching employees how to reduce waste in general, and making sure that any paper waste employees do create is promptly taken to in-house paper recycling centers, or to paper recycling service providers in the area.

Making the Most of Water Softening Equipment

Businesses selling water softening equipment can choose from several types of equipment. Water softeners manufacturers build a large variety of systems for different applications, capacities and pricing.

Working with Waste Management Consultants

Waste management consulting firms can work on both sides of the industry. They will come in to help companies reduce waste and work with waste management firms to help streamline operations.

Aluminum Recycling Basics

Although recycling aluminum is simple and inexpensive, the Aluminum Association estimates that more than 100 million aluminum beverage cans are deposited in landfills, littered or incinerated every day in the US, negatively impacting the environment and natural resources. Aluminum can recycling, however, not only saves money but significantly reduces energy consumption.

Clear My Junk

Established in 2007, Clear My Junk is BBB accredited and will take care of all your Junk Removal needs, hassle free.
J & J Services

A waste management services company in Nashville TN which services include portable toilets, roll off dumpsters, and pressure washing.
Vacuum Trucks of Canada

Vacuum Trucks of Canada is a leading provider of hydro vac excavation trucks, sewage cleaners, hydro vacuums and equipment across North America.

Managing Your Waste

While the current electronic age holds the promise of a "paperless world," most small businesses have yet to touch down on that particular planet. Whether you're a solo practitioner or a growing manufacturer, streamlining your company's waste flow can spur growth and efficiency.

Following the three Rs — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle — will have your company's output toned and fit in no time.

The benefits of efficient waste management include:

  1. Producing less waste means less time spent managing it – or paying someone else to store or dispose of it.
  2. Reduced paper and other clutter means less time wasted searching for necessary items and more time building your business.
  3. Adopting a new, eco-friendlier or more efficient policy offers great PR opportunities.
  4. The bottom line: efficiency costs less and earns more.

Find a waste removal solution easily online

All trash removal services are not the same. Shop for best service and prices for the type and volume of waste your business produces.

Be proactive and pare down

Having your business waste hauled away probably costs you money. The more waste, the more it costs. An ounce of waste prevention can save your business a ton. Do a waste audit. Look for ways to decrease waste.
WasteWise program offers tips on business waste reduction and prevention. One key way to accomplish this is to invest in high quality scanners to back up paper data - check out HP's Digital Sender – a workhorse designed just for this purpose.

Assess what can be reused and recycled

Implementing a company-wide recycling program doesn't have to be complicated; a few phone calls to your building manager or municipality to determine your options should get you started. Then e-mail a memo asking staff to participate.

Unload excess stuff

All businesses need a cost-effective contractor to dispose of waste. Some contractors serve specific industries, so check with your local municipality or state EPA for green disposal services.
WasteWise Resource Management section to find an eco-friendlier resource management contractor. Contact your state's EPA to find industry-specific contractors specializing in waste disposal for your company.
  • For a business investment that's never wasted, be sure to back up all electronically stored data. System crashes are often described as "when" rather than "if."
  • Donate used items to charitable organizations and gain: feel-good waste reduction, a tax write-off, and positive buzz for your biz.
  • Seemingly small steps like refilling ink and toner cartridges and switching to electronic document storage can ultimately yield big savings.
  • Start an incentive program for employees to participate in a recycling program and offer rewards to the biggest contributors.
  • Examine how other companies manage waste and implemented recycling programs to see what worked (and didn't) for them.

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