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Providers of water purification equipment and supplies and water filtration equipment. Quickly find providers of water purification systems and water filtration companies that specialize in water purification supplies for a variety of industries.

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Water Purification Equipment and Supplies Basics

Understanding water purification equipment and supplies basics will go far to help you choose the best water purifier machine for your business. Not all purification processes are equal.

Water Treatment: How to Choose a Water Filter -

Mar 28, 2014 ... Your guide to safe drinking water in the backcountry. ... First, it's good to know the difference between a water filter and a water purifier.

Home Water Purification Systems

The most effective water treatment systems for your home and under sink water filters for water with chlorine and fluoride – designed by ecologist James P ...

Drinking Water Filtration & Purification Systems - EcoWater

Remove impurities & contaminates with a reverse osmosis water treatment system. This drinking water purification system is more convenient & less costly than ...

Shop Water Filters & Filtration Systems at

... Filtration Systems at Shop a variety of quality Water Filters & Filtration Systems and Plumbing that are available for purchase online or in store.

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LIFESAVER systems - Portable Water Purification | Filtration Systems

Our Mission - To eradicate water poverty. LIFESAVER's portable water purification systems remove all bacteria, parasites and viruses to produce sterile water.

Aquasana: Water Filters | Best Whole House | Drinking | Shower

Shop for the best deals on Aquasana home water filters. Weekly and monthly ... Powered Water Filtration. Ultra Pure* ... Softener-Filter Combos.

Water purification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[edit]. Original map by John Snow showing the clusters of cholera cases in the London epidemic of 1854. The first documented use of ...

Whole House Water Treatment| Water Filter | Kinetico Water Filters

Kinetico's Whole House Specialty Treatment Systems are designed to eliminate the most challenging water issues in your home without putting a burden on ...

Residential Whole-House Water Filtration System & Filters | Culligan

A whole-house water filtration system can balance your pH levels and reduce the chlorine in your home's water. Culligan offers many solutions for every type of ...


Cleaner, fresher tasting water with our unique MAXION technology. ... PUR's filtration systems are now certified by NSF and WQA for their contamination ...

SteriPEN Water Purifiers. Safe water. No pumps or filters. | SteriPEN ...

SteriPEN is the world's leading manufacturer of ultraviolet, handheld water purification systems. Outdoor; Travel; Prepare; Military; Accessories; System Packs.

Sapphire Water

Sapphire Water designs and manufactures safe, economical water treatment systems that delivers to the highest water quality standard.
All Filters: Water Filters

Provides a complete line of home water filtration products.
Eddy Water Descalers

Eddy. The no-salt alternative to salt-based water softeners. Eco-friendly and a snap to install. No plumbing needed. This is our USA website.
Premiere Sales Water Filtration Experts, Systems & Filters

Premiere Sales is a leading Water Purification Company that provides consumers and business with a wide range of solutions for water quality concerns.

#1 brand in water filtration. PUR offers an extensive line of faucet mounts, pitchers, dispensers and filters.
Water Treatment & Survival Products -

Water filters, water purification products, and survival gear for outdoor activities, travel and emergency preparedness. Great service and prices.

Water Purification Equipment and Supplies Key Terms

The needs for water purification equipment vary widely. To choose the best water purification supplies for your business, you will first need to know the condition of your available water supply. The desired condition of the final treated water will also play an important role in your decision. Water for drinking would have more extensive purification needs than water being used for industrial purposes. The combination of these factors will determine which features you will want to look for in a water purification system.

Even the most complete water quality analysis won't mean much if you don't know the significance of the findings. Also, to assemble a complete water purification plan you should also become familiar with what condition your final water should be and how best to get it there. To begin to compile this information, think of the following:
  1. What impurities may your water contain and how do they affect your water quality?
  2. What are the types of water purification and water filtration equipment and how do they work?
  3. What is the purification level that you should be striving to meet for your intended water use?

Learn about the impurities the water filtration system will reduce

Some elements such as iron and bacteria occur naturally in water. Other impurities, such as pesticides and fertilizers can run-off from farms and lawns and result in elevated ammonia and nitrates. Yet other substances, such as detergents are leftover from water treatment processes. Not all of these impurities can be completely removed, so it's essential you educate yourself on the acceptable levels.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides a list of the water contaminants they monitor, their sources, and the potential problems they may cause. General Electric Company provides information on impurities, their effects, and possible treatments for them.

Know the techniques and purpose of each type of water purification machine

Distillation and deionization provide water quality that may be above and beyond normal usage, but useful for pharmaceutical, laboratory, and some industrial water purification uses, by removing both solid and dissolved impurities. More common techniques, such as reverse osmosis, activated carbon and filtration membranes are often sufficient for drinking and other commercial uses by removing most suspended organic and inorganic particles as well as chemical impurities. All but the most basic water purifier machine you choose will most likely incorporate more than one of these techniques.
ELGA LabWater provides thorough explanations of the process behind several purification techniques. Excel Water Technologies explains common water treatment techniques, including which contaminants each technique removes.

Know where the purity levels your water filtration system should meet

The use of your water will be the main factor controlling your water purity needs. Though drinking water standards are strict, they are by no means the strictest. If you are using your water for any sort of chemical manipulations, such as medical, laboratory or pharmaceutical uses, your purity guidelines will most likely surpass those of drinking water.
Lenntech offers a summary of the World Health Organization drinking water standards, including acceptable levels of naturally occurring substances. Res-Kem provides specialty equipment for extensive decontamination needs. The main terms to look for for these needs are degasification, deionization, and decarbonization.
  • Keep abreast of the current technology and water quality developments. New impurities are discovered and water quality guidelines change. Knowing what these developments mean and how they affect your business, as well as what new purification techniques are developed, can help you to know if you need to change your water purifier system.

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